Tuesday, February 27, 2007

2 Projects Completed: His and Hers

His: DH finished the shelves and finally hung them up in the sewing room. Woo hoo! I have knick-knacks still packed in boxes to put on these, if I remember which box. For now, I'm making do with what's immediately on hand.

Close-up #1:

Close-up #2:

Maybe one day I'll even have a valance across the top of the window. What's that saying about the shoemaker's children? :grin:

Hers: I finished my capris, and I like them. Except they're a smidge too long. I'm hoping another couple of trips through the laundry will take care of that. I only prewashed the twill once, so I'm optimistic. I'm definitely not going to be ripping out the hems and re-doing them. The X-Twistie alteration seems to have taken care of the wrinkles from the knock-knee effect. Being extremely picky now, I do still think I need to straighten the back crotch angle a bit more. I tried them on at one point backwards (by mistake) and the back tushie area looked great. Backwards. Hmprf.

Back pockets:


I'm planning to wear them tomorrow with my new tee. Hopefully, I'll remember to snap a pic before I get them all wrinkled.

In Money Pit news, we've officially started in on the family room finishing touches. It's been without a real floor, baseboards, crown molding and ceiling fixtures for far too long. DH is currently framing out the French doors. After he finishes that job (tomorrow probably), we'll (and when I say "we" I mean "they") be demolishing the fake brick hearth that runs the width of the room. After that, we'll (and this time I do mean "we") need to drywall-patch-mud-texture the gaping hole. And after that, I'll finally be able to start laying the floor while DH works on the baseboards and crown.

Looks like Spring Fever is rearing its head around here.


  1. I love your new shelves, but I love your new capris even more! I love all the topstitching on the pants - they look great!

  2. I love capris, and yours look grat, but I have never ever worn them. Perhaps I should just make a pair and see how they feel? How did you decide what length was right? I've seen them all over the place, so just wonderin'.

    Yay for the shelving and Chili sure seems as if he is one heckuva friendly pooch!

  3. grat? You know I mean "great"!Sorry, fingers are lazy tonight after being at the keyboard (computer and my piano class) all day!

  4. Love the new shelves and even more so the displays.

    I pulled that Khaliah Ali pattern last night and would like to make that skirt too, well the shirt as well.

    Before I forget, Burda has a similar twist top in their new Burda Plus Spring 2007 # E952. They have even combined it in a dress version. This pattern was run before but I don't quite remember in which Burda it appeared.

  5. I love the hem detailing on your capris. I can only dream of wearing capris at this time of year; living vicariously through you is fun too.

  6. Your sewing room is so fab! I love it more everytime I see it. The new shelves look great!

    Your capris are so nice! I love how you finished the hems.

  7. Debbie, we've been remodeling our kitchen since late Oct. I have a new appreciation for how long you've been working on the money pit and are still able to smile about it! It's only been a little over 4 months for us and I'm getting cranky!! Your shelves and capris are great! Love your blog.


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