Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First Draft — 2-Seam Twist

Here it is, the first draft of my version of Linda's Adrienne Vittadini Allegra Twist Front Top (say that 10 times fast!). I have no idea if this will actually work since I did it all by eye, but it looks good in theory for now.

Apologies for the blurriness. Hopefully clicking on it for the full-size view will clear things up a bit. Later: It does. I just tried it. Whew!

Here's what I did:

1. I started with my TNT (tried-n-true) PMB (Pattern Master Boutique) darted top for knits.

2. Next, I drew the seamlines onto my front pattern piece, and transferred 1/2 of the dart to each seam. Sort of the way you'd transfer a dart out at a sideseam. This is the part I'm "iffy" on, because I just winged it. I'm hoping a knit with good recovery will compensate for anything I screwed up. ;-)

I adjusted seamlines as necessary so that adjoining seams would match in length; specifically, the two seams around the bust and the sideseam (to match the back piece).

3. Then I duplicated my pattern pieces and flipped them so I could "wing" the twisty section. The original handknit top twisty section looks to be one piece if you follow the chevroning of the cable stitches, so I went with that. I might be totally off here but I had to start somewhere.

4. Finally, I pulled in my TNT sleeve and back piece and decided to split the back into a peplum-y thing to match up with the front seaming. Obviously I still have peplums on my mind.

My final pattern pieces look like this:

I'm going to print it out, try it with an unloved knit, and see what I end up with. I'm not quite sewing again yet, but I'm getting close.


  1. Wow. You make it all sound so easy!

  2. thanks for showing this, I just opened up my first dart and I didn't know where to start! I can't wait to see your version are you going to do it in blue also?

  3. Debbie - thank-you so much for the detail on your train of thought. You are lightyears ahead of me - I still have to come up with a TNT t-shirt, but I've been eyeing the twist tops with envy. I'm sewww interested in watching you go through this (even though you make it look much easier than it will be for me!). You're being bookmarked!

  4. It's looking like it will work wonderfully.
    Hmmm, want to whip up a pattern quick like that in my size? ;))

  5. wow, debbie, can't wait to see you sew this up! it's very exciting to be able to take a garment apart (mentally) and draft a pattern for it. admire your skill.

  6. This looks amazing, and your illustrations are so professional. I've been wondering what the pattern for this style would look like. I await your completed experiment.

  7. Debbie, you always do such a great job with your PMB drafting!


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