Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I am SO going to make this!

Have you seen Linda's completed Adrienne Vittadini Allegra Twist Front Top?? It's gorgeous!

I love all twisty tops but I think this one has the potential to look the best on me, since it's not a deep V neckline and the twist is more subtle, above the cleavage area instead of right in the middle of it. Plus, look at those opportunities for darts! I don't knit so I'm going to try creating it for a knit fabric and with sleeves. I'm sure I've got a pattern around here somewhere that will be a good jumping off point, whether it's a commercial pattern or something created in my software.

I read Linda's blog entry this morning and this top has been on my mind all day. Looks like it's going to be high in the order of the What To Make Next list. But since I'm short on time this (already half over) week, I'm thinking I'll sew up a very quick TNT tee by the weekend and leave this one for next week. But don't hold me to that. I may not be able to wait. ;-)

Meanwhile, this rayon knit jumped into my Textile Studios shopping cart this morning. I swear, I was helpless.


  1. Debbie, I think Mlle Laura did a morph of the WOF twist that removed the underbust layer and divided the upper bodice in two pieces. That might be a good starting point for you. Her review has diagrams to help your brainstorming ...

  2. AI love that sweater knit top. I have been admiring that fabric, did you leave some for me?

  3. Debbie, I think this is the first time I have inspired somebody else. Thank you! I saw your comment on my blog about sewing it up. I would so make up your sewn rendition of this top also for all the same reasons you stated. When you said you were going to figure out how to make it into a sewn top I thought of Vogue 8068 as a jumping point. I am not too sure if this would work, but if anybody can figure it out it will be you. I'll be watching to see what you come up with. I would love to have sewn tops like this too.

  4. I remember Linda's top from her blog and it's beautiful! I look forward to you figuring it out 'cause I most definitely want one, too. (And yes, with sleeves!)

  5. Debbie ~ thank you for purchasing that fabric from Textile Studios...its been tempting me since it was posted. Now that I know it has gone to a good home, I can move onto my next fabric obsession! *LOL*

  6. Shoot, maybe you should Start knitting - although this would not be the top to start with ;)
    I was just about to say that we could do a 2 person Knit-Along. Linda says that I inspired her to knit this, but now it's working the other way around and I think I'm going to cast on for this as soon as I get some other projects off the needles.


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