Thursday, February 15, 2007

In Theory. (Yeah, but.)

So I said that I thought the pattern pieces looked good … in theory. In reality, something didn't quite work.

What's wrong with this picture?

This is most certainly not a design feature that flatters me. ;-)

I must've matched up wrong because I measured all the adjacent seams before I cut, and again after this mishap and the lengths were and are just fine. Which is why I'm thinking I inadvertently twisted a half rotation too much and sewed the wrong seams together. Another clue is the "striping" on the knit is not chevroning as I expected. Oops. I'll check all this out later today. It's just a tester top that I never wanted to be wearable, so no big deal.

Other than that … erm … slight glaring issue, I'm liking it. The neckline is a little too low cut in this version but part of that is this cheesy test knit.* I'll probably get out my French curve and modify the pattern to raise it a smidge for the next one.

The middle sections aren't as deep at the bust as I was expecting, compared to the original handknit inspiration top. (I think they'd be closer to my expectations at the sideseams if there actually were sideseams.) I'm still thinking on whether the lower seam should really land under my bust or not. If I lengthen that section, then I'm also visually enlarging my bust. Trust me, they don't need any more enlargement, visually or otherwise. ;-) I'm leaning toward leaving that section as is. I don't think it reads "ill-fitting empire" when worn because there are two seams. I think instead that it reads "interesting seaming." Of course, all of this is subject to change the next time I try it on.

*I wish I had bought more of this icky knit. It was in Joann's clearance section at least 2 years ago and extremely cheap. It's much too thin/sheer to ever think about wearing out in the world but it's great for "muslining" knit patterns since it has pretty good recovery, sews nicely, and the knit-in striping is perfect for grainline checks. Oh well. No sense yearning for fabric not bought — especially fabric as awful as this.


  1. thank goodness you did a muslin with this one, lol
    yep, you definiately need to go back to the drawing board with this one but I'm glad to see a more experience sewer having problems with her estimates,, it give me hope

  2. Interesting process, Debbie! I think you need to flip the extension of your front piece horizontally, because when you twist it back it ends up upside down. I think this is the cause of your side seam mishap.

  3. Your blog is so informative! I love reading/learning how you figure everything out.

    And I "recognize" your muslin knit! I too have this knit aging in my stash!

    It was supposed to be for that cute bathing suit sarong I was going to make when I lost 20 pounds......

    Sue_WA (on Stitchers Guild and PR)


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