Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mail Call

I bought these pattern magazines on Ebay about a week ago and they arrived yesterday from Germany. Inspiration is running rampant around in my head again. I absolutely love the patterns in Knip•XL. Patrones comes in at #2 for me. Diana is good, but very classic, conservative, so it's #3. Modetrende is a total yawner. The styles are on the frumpy, baggy side of things. IOW, what someone who is not plus-sized thinks plus-sized women should be wearing. Hmpf.

It's going to be interesting trying to figure out what pattern pieces are what in Knip•XL since it's a Dutch language magazine. I think I'll be OK without instructions for most of the patterns, as long as I can be sure I'm using the correct pieces. Anyone know any remedial sewing Dutch?

One thing of note, look at the models Knip•XL uses. Actual plus-size models! And they have boobs! ;-) I haven't unfolded the actual pattern sheets yet, but the line drawings make me think these patterns are drafted for at least a C cup. The bust darts look quite ample.

* * * * *

Jacket update: I wore the new jacket out to the store and a quickie dog walk around a nearby neighborhood this evening. It started drizzling on us so now I have nice new, WET jacket. It's dry again now and no worse for wear. One thing I noticed while wearing it is that I love the sleeve length. For once, I have a denim jacket with sleeves that end where I want them to. As they say — it's the little things, but this one definitely makes me feel good. (The rest of the jacket fits pretty darn perfect too.)


  1. Debbie - I have been getting Knipmodes either from Ebay or directly from Stoff Art in Germany ( What I do know is how to find the patterns - which is pretty intuitive, once you work it out. Patronenblad A Zwart would be Pattern sheet A, black. rood is red, blauw blue, groen green. Otherwise the instructions more or less look like Burda - with the fabric requirements, any pieces that need to be cut by measurement, then the sewing... I haven't sewn any of the Knipmode patterns yet, but figure I'll be able to work out the process.
    I too like the Knipmode XL (I love the fluffy models! The redhead at the end of this issue was in another issue (gasp) flirting with a rather sexy man! they even seem to appreciate larger bodies), Patrones size large and find the Modetrends to be rather frumpy looking. But don't you think that might be because the garments are too large for the models? I think many of the styles would look better if they were a bit smaller. Btw - if you go to Stoff Art's web site, you can see the line drawings from Knipmode and one of the German magazines, and the front pages from Patrones, for some idea of the contents of the issue. Adrianna is great about shipping, however, sometimes customs keeps packages for a long time. My most recent shipment took just over a week, but the previous one took nearly 2 months... I swear someone in customs is reading the magazines;)

    Lori in MN

  2. If you need help with the Dutch language, I can help you ;-) I'm living in the Netherlands and I also love KnipMode and Knip XL patterns!

  3. Hi Debbie, no shortage of Dutch sewing help here! I sent this issue to Kristine/Beangirl. If you want any in the future just drop me a line. There are a couple other plus sized pattern mags here too in Dutch or French. Ask Beangirl if she likes them. KM is the most developed of the local rags, with Burda being in a class by itself. Just to start...
    knip-cut (ah so!)
    (blinde)ritz-(invisible) zipper

  4. Oh yeah! I sent Kristine one or two translations (forgot!) of instructions from KM XL. One by email, another in writing. Ask her to send them to you! I don't see the translation in my compuer anymore and I don't have a copy handy.

  5. Just got my first copy of Patrones, the same one as yours actually. Now to find a (first) copy of Knipmodes.

  6. Debbie,
    I was looking back at this entry b/c I just got same the Patrones and Knip XL mags as you did. Have you had a chance to make any of them up? I love the Knip XL looks, but the Patrones are kinda eh, I think.


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