Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Spring Top Success

Edited to add a photo of the now-hemmed and completed top.

Original photo:

It's nice to have a successful sewing day! All that's left to be done is the bottom hem (and trimming the ties), but I ran out of one thread on my coverstitch machine after hemming the second sleeve so I've got to wind another bobbin before continuing. I thought it was a good place to stop for the evening. I'll finish the top tomorrow morning when I get up and I'll be wearing it for the rest of the day. (Before anyone asks, the pattern is from the August 2006 issue of Burda WOF.)

Speaking of my coverstitch machine … until I sat down at it today, I had forgotten how long it's been since I used it. I've been sewing pants and a jacket which had no coverstitching in their construction, and the twist tops didn't quite make it to the hemming stage. It was fun to bond with that little machine again today.

This was one of those projects that just came together with hardly any effort. The fabric is from a recent coop purchase, the neckline trim I've had for eons now matched perfectly, and I had a spool of matching thread already on the rack which was surprising since I don't sew these colors very often. I even remembered that I needed to narrow the shoulders on this top before I sewed the sleeves on, and I managed to keep the big flowers from becoming boobie bullseyes. Good Karma all around.

Here's a close-up of the trim. It's plush elastic with little pom-poms knitted into one edge.

And a close-up of the coverstitched princess seaming.

This is great fabric (cotton with a bit of Lycra) and I know I'll be wearing this top lots all through the summer. It fits great and is ultra comfortable. And it's not striped! ;-)

Yep, I love a good sewing day.

* * * * *

Do you think he's comfortable with his new family? This is where Chili's been while I've been typing this entry. He really wants me to move upstairs to the bed, but he looks pretty content while he's waiting. ;-) We've had him exactly 1 month now.


  1. It looks beautiful! You did a wonderful job with the trim!

  2. I love the new top - it looks wonderful. I love the trim around the neckline, too.

  3. Debbie...yes, Chili has made himself at home...YOUR home! And I love the top, too. Please tell me where you buy that kind of trim. I have my 1000CP and have not seen any trim like that for knit necklines. Thanks! Oh, you'd better check out that blazer/jacket sew along thread. I asked/commented to you on it....DC!

  4. Love that new top and the trim! I want to be able to find notions like that and have a few perfect sewing days in my future! I've been finishing up aprons.

    By the way - don't think Chili looks very comfortable at all! I think you all should stop abusing him, sleeping on chairs, dog parks, long walks - I mean really he's a dog! He wants to lay around and eat! Enjoy the 4-legged furbaby, he looks very happy :)

  5. this is very cute and the trim is super!

    Doggie looks sweet! You'll have to sew him a little something!

  6. Love the fabric, Debbie. I like the uniqueness of the hemline and side tie detail. Nice change from a standard tshirt. You always do lovely work. Want me to make Chili a doggie tux? (Just kidding!)

  7. This top is so cute! Love the colors. And Chili - looks like he's been with ya'll all his life.

  8. great top, your stuff always look so well made, gosh, I can only wish and hope for my stuff to look like that one day, lol!


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