Friday, February 2, 2007

Nope, not yet

Still no completed jacket. The best laid plans and all …

Trips to the dog park and the drugstore won out over the sewing room last night. I really wanted to burn off some of the dog energy and was thinking of taking the pooches to the park this morning but the weather for today was forecast as yucky (which came true) so we made an impromptu trip to the park last night instead. Plus DS#2 came home from school with a completely untouched lunchbox and still feeling bad, which meant restocking on the cold meds so he could get through school today. Staying home and then trying to catch up on a week's worth of school would be more overwhelming than being there with a stuffy head, cough and sneezes so I really wanted him to go if he felt at all well enough. He did, and I'm sure he'll spend the weekend resting some more and catching up on homework. I can't remember the last time he felt this bad for this long. Poor baby. This cold is a doozy, I know that first-hand.

On today's agenda: Some paperwork, some real paying work, some coop stuff, and then (hopefully) finishing the #*@! jacket once and for all. I've actually enjoyed working on it and I think I will like the finished jacket a lot. I'm just frustrated that it's taking me so long to get it finished. OTOH, I never claimed to be a speedy sewer. ;-)


  1. Debbie you are so much faster than me - it should make you feel better to know that I would take MUCH longer to finish it.

  2. Sounds like the twisters missed your area. I was a bit concerned when I saw the storm path this morning.

  3. Debbie, you and the other florida sewers were foremost in my mind when I heard the news of the horrible storm in Florda. Glad you are okay, and get well wishes to your son.

  4. (echo) Glad you are OK and posting.
    Debbie, I was thinking about making this jacket, and I think I still will, despite all the warning flags. Just call me crazy, I guess.


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