Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Sewing Room Challenge: At This Very Moment

Stacy Sews and Stephanie Sews laid down the challenge to take photos of your sewing room as it is, without straightening it up first. Sharon Sews accepted it and motivated me to do the same (although I broke the pattern of blog names). So, here are photos of my sewing room taken 10 minutes ago. It's not too bad because I can't stand to work in big clutter so I tend to keep things put away unless I'm using them. (Sorry ladies!)

Starting at the door into my sewing room and then going around the room:

This is what you see when you first walk in. Zillie (my dressform) is modeling my current WIP (work in progress), which you'll recognize if you're a regular reader. The machines are set up on my table, plastic bins on wheels hold most of my notions and other supplies, and my ironing board is against the adjacent wall. Zillie is blocking my coverstitch machine, which also sits on the table.

You also see my pattern cabinet when you first enter, but I couldn't fit it into the same photo as the shot above. On top are mostly things that belong and a few that don't. The blue looseleaf binders on the left are my pattern envelopes filed in sheet protectors by garment category. The envelope contents are in the cabinet below. Next to those are 3 sewing-themed stacking boxes. They are awaiting placement on the shelves that DH keeps promising me he'll hang up "real soon now." (Sigh.) Next to those is a rectangular basket with my "on deck" patterns and new patterns that I haven't yet entered in The System. In front of the basket is the leftover purple knit from muslin/tester #2 of the top I'm currently working on. I haven't yet put it back in the stash. In front of the pattern binders is a pile of miscellaneous which includes a pants muslin, a couple of magazines, and some pattern tracings. Between that pile and the purple knit is a stack of swatches I save to send to Belinda in Australia. (We exchange swatches from our sewing projects, which is fun because I get to really "feel" what she makes and vice versa.) Finally, on the floor in front of the pattern cabinet is a pile of folded denims that somehow haven't made it into the stash closet yet. I thought I would sew these faster than I have.

Next is the "pressing center" which kind of drives me crazy. I need to hang shelves or a pegboard or a slatboard on the wall to store my pressing notions. (I think I've decided on slatboard and now I need to buy one.) Right now, they're stacked in plastic baskets on the floor or laid on the flimsy shelf below the board. I also use the ironing board as a cutting table adjunct. IOW, when I'm using the cutting table to actually cut, all those things which I stacked on the table get moved to the ironing board. Right now, that includes a stack of patterns and WOFs, my big clear ruler, and a folded-up piece of cardboard that really needs to hit the trash can. There's also a blouse waiting to be ironed which is just laid across the bins to the right. (I hate ironing, so it's been there longer than it should.)

Under the ironing board is a paper bag of I-don't-remember-what, a cut of sherpa fleece for dog napping, and you can see my "basket" trashcan in the foreground. I love this for a trashcan because it has a handle which makes it easy to grab and move near me when I switch between machines.

Moving around, next is the cutting table. It's looking pretty good. The scraps on it are from the current WIP and also the nearly-complete purple knit test before that. Also visible are my reading glasses (ugh), the TV remote, the pattern I'm using, some pattern weights, and one of my magnetic pincushions (the other is on the machine table). Under the table is a rolling cart which used to be in the laundry room of my other house. The top shelf holds a bin with my cutting and writing implements, as well as my tape dispenser, and the pattern weights. The second shelf is rulers and curves (the ruler on the ironing board usually goes here but since I was just using it, it was still out — really!). The bottom shelf holds a couple old muslins I should toss, and hmm ... I forget what's in that plastic box. Whatever it is, I'm sure I need it. ;-)

There is another short shelf at the end of the cutting table. On top of it are various adhesive sprays, a bin with other most-used notions (Wonder Tape, tape measures, gluesticks, etc.). Next to it is a pile of home dec stuff I want to work on one of these days. (Yeah, right.) The bins on the second shelf are lingerie supplies, the bins on the bottom are buttons and large knit scraps for preemie sewing.

Behind the cutting table are the TV and big bookcase. The bookcase holds my sewing "library," DVDs, and magazines. You can see my Burda WOFs stacked up on the 4th shelf. The white binders on that shelf hold the WOF newsprint "At a Glance" inserts so I can look at styles without dragging out each magazine.

This door is just to the left of the big bookcase and leads to the bathroom. Next to that is my mirror corner. STP (tracing paper) rolls are in a basket (which you can't see) and in the corner next to the wicker trunk which holds my embroidery cards and CDs. That's a roll of poly batting that doesn't have a real home so there it sits.

Almost full circle. The entry door is just to the right of the thread. The stash closet speaks for itself. ;-)

This cabinet (which my father made BTW) actually sits at the top of the staircase and is just outside my sewing room. I included it here because right now it's a sewing room addition since it's holding (1) new fabric, (2) things I want to put on those shelves DH is promising, and (3) has the to-be-hung bulletin board leaning against it. The inside is actually not holding fabric. Yet.

OK, who's next??


  1. Ok, I'm in. As soon as I do a couple errands, I will take pictures of the mess. It won't be as messy as it would have been, but I spent a good portion of Monday and Tuesday working on it. The funny thing is, I was going to take a pic of the mess, but I was too lazy to come downstairs and get the camera.

  2. tfs, I have been following all the sewers showing off there sewing room and I think that is cool.

  3. Ok, Debbie, my post is up:


  4. It's funny, I just straightened up my sewing room a few days ago so that I could take pictures of it for my blog.

    I haven't done much in it, so truly, this moment it is clean!

    I guess I'll have to post those pictures.

  5. I put my pattern envelopes in a binder too. Then I keep the pattern "GUTS" in gallon size ziplock bags. I would love to have a whole closet for stash storage. How cool is that.

  6. "OK, who's next??"

    Not me. No way, no how, although I assure you my sewing room is neat as a pin. (Now stop that laughing!)

  7. Debbie! You have such a great sewing space - I especially love the windows by the machines. And I'm so envious of that fabulously organized stash closet! Thanks for posting photos of your sewing room...I'm hoping others will too.

  8. Now THAT is a real working sewing room. I just saw photos of a fantasy sewing room that I would be afraid to work in.

    Obviously, she's not a garment sewer, she only has a few fat quarters, but it's so staged, it looks like a disneyland/magazine sewing room rather than a real working sewing room.

    And yes, I am jealous.

  9. Ok, I'll play! My sewing room looks like the Wreck of the Hesperus...been meaning to clean it for MONTHS, but I just keep pushing the piles around and sewing anyway.

    BTW, my two younger DKids were reading over my shoulder and saw the pictures of 'Bev' and both exclaimed unprompted that they thought it was a cool looking top. ;)

  10. You work pretty neat and clean.
    I'm working this year to get my 'overflow' made up, so that all my stuff fits in the bins and shelves its supposed to.
    I should take up the challenge, just so that there is a marking place for next year. Tomorrow then!

  11. OMG your room doesn't look too bad. I did the same thing, took pics and put them on my blog. That is a lot of motivation. You will so happy and better at keeping it picked up after it's cleaned. Maybe we should begin a quarterly "Is our studios still clean" label and every three months take pictures to keep up honest.

  12. Oh wow, I didn't know there was a trend going on! I took pictures a few weeks ago and have been posting a few of them at a time. I guess I need to hurry up and get the rest of them posted. This is fun--I love looking at other peoples' sewing spaces.


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