Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Still diggin' the stripes, maybe?

Stripes isn't really what I had in mind for this top but I think maybe they're growing on me. (Ya think? This is the third stripe-y version, after all.) This latest fabric is the slinky that I bought about a month ago from and the colors are much closer to the swatch below.

I don't know why I keep picking the stripes because it means every piece has to be cut single layer and very carefully so the stripes match up. Well, actually, I do know why. It's because I'm still not willing to cut into the more-loved stuff yet. I wasn't thrilled with this slinky when it arrived so I was willing to sacrifice it if necesssary instead of granting it space in the stash. It's great quality slinky (acetate not poly), but it's just not my usual colors or pattern. It reads much more black and dark than shows up in these pics and I never wear black. Except now I do have a couple of pairs of black knit pants and well, I was thinking this could go with them since nothing else I have really does. That's my thought process anyway. I'm still ambivalent about the stripes though. Yes, they look good geometrically. But I'm not usually a wearer of stripes. Hmm.

If I like how this third one fits, I think I'll go for #4 in a fabric/print I really like and I'll do short sleeves since we're slamming right into 80-degree temps and Spring this week after the much cooler temps just a couple of days ago. I doubt we'll be having any more truly cold weather again until next winter. But that's getting ahead of things. I need to finish this one first.

I can tell already that this one will fit much better, just with the difference in fabric and stretch factor. I'll work on it a bit more today but this afternoon, Pepper, Chili, DH and I have an "appointment" at the dog park. Can't let all this great weather go to waste. It will be sticky and humid before we know it.


  1. Ok, I am so diggin' this new striped version! Yes, I love the colors, so I hope you are happier with them when you try it on with the black pants. I bet you'll be surprised, even tho it's not a color you normally wear.

    I'm thinkin' you should market this pattern! I love it. And heck, yeah.....I'd buy it!

  2. OOH, I really like the stripe version! I can't wait to see it on you, I think it will look fantastic.

  3. Debbie, I like this top, liked the pink one better, but to be honest (just my opinion) the thing that keeps jumping out at me is how the seam cuts right across the bustline. It seems to draw my attention there instead of away from it, or was that the intent? :)

    I wonder how it would look if you dropped that seam to just under the bust, and kept the twist or chevron band? Would that accent the waist in any way? Maybe the neckline would be too low if you did that. Not sure.

    Just a thought. Carry on. You do great work.

  4. I like both...I think a jazzy choker would look nice with the striped one! your on a roll!

  5. Looking good! Can't wait to see your next version, and see it on you. I know it will look fab!

  6. This is a nice striped version. I'm always so tempted to buy striped fabric, but I have to say no and move on cause it is really hard to get them cut and sewn together nicely. Which you do very well!


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