Monday, February 5, 2007

This and that

I never know whether to respond to comments by making a comment myself or to answer in the main blog stuff. So today, I'm answering here and then rambling about other things.

Dog park: Nope, we don't have to pay directly. It's a county park and so our yearly county taxes help to fund this and other county parks.

Dogs: Thanks for putting up with me going on (and on) about Chili and Pepper and thanks for all your nice comments. We're still thrilled with our new family member and I'm not sure if he could get any cuter but he sure keeps on trying. I've also enjoyed seeing and reading about some of your pooches and other pets.

Tornados: Thank you all for thinking of me. We're south and to the west of where they hit. We were lucky but lots of people were not.

Dutch sewing terms: Thank you for all the offers for translation, etc. I'm sure I'll be taking you up on that!

Topstitching: Someone asked how I get it so straight ... I probably wouldn't be able to without my edge stitching foot and my edge joining foot! The former has a rudder on the right side of the foot and the latter, a rudder in the middle. The rudders ride in the "ditch" and I use my needle positions to set the spacing. Using these feet, topstitching is almost mindless and very relaxing for me since it's pretty much just straight stitching over a seam that's already been sewn.

General: Thanks for the commiseration on the jacket frustrations and the head cold. You already know that jacket is done now and I'm loving it, and I'm happy to report the cold is almost done too. Just a bit of lingering sniffles and an intermittent cough.

Tonight is Superbowl food leftovers for dinner. I've got a whole tray of nachos ready to bake, some Buffalo wings, and cheese/meats/crackers. (The beer didn't survive though!) We're also going to be heating up the other leftovers from the past few days. The boys may complain about "leftovers" but unless they're volunteering to make something else, it's my vote that counts. ;-) The game was good to watch, since we were mostly rooting for the Colts and Tony Dungy who got a really raw deal when he was booted away from our hometown Bucs and Gruden moved in for what should've been Dungy's first SB victory. But honestly, I like both teams a lot and would've been happy either way.

The commercials were a little disappointing though, do you agree? Although I did like the Blockbuster "mouse," the faux dalmation, Oprah and Dave, and the regular joe winning ad with the sports fanatics feeling sad at the end of the season. What were your favorites? I'm sure I've forgotten some other good ones.

And does anyone really like Prince? Sorry if you do, but I'm just not getting him and the Superbowl combination (like the halftime show ever makes sense!) I did feel bad that he was completely doused in the rain during his performance though.

I did write up my review for the jacket, but if you've been following along here, you've read/seen it all.

I think that's enough rambling for one post, don't you?


  1. we thought the superbowl ads were just plain silly. we liked the fed ex one on the moon where the guy gets hit by a meteor. there were a few more that we laughed at. the car ad with all the men stripping and washing the car (with one of the girls in the car covering her eyes and asking someone to tell her when it was over) was done by a local high school graduate. my boys liked the doritos ads.

    at least it was a good game -- so many years i think it's the NFC and AFC championship games that are much better than the superbowl itself.

  2. We're in Bears territory here, so we were happy that they made it that far. They sorely needed Sweetness or Sayers, though! The game had a bit of everything, didn't it? Good plays, lousy plays, weather conditions, and I actually didn't care who won. I have to admit after that last interception....zzzzzzz, I'm outa here!

    And, Prince? I was off in the other room doing laundry and DH turned the channel to something else while he was on. I really just don't see the point, but then I don't get the whole cheerleader thing, either. Hah.

  3. Thanks for letting us (me) know that the tornado missed you. I had been wondering/worrying.

  4. Nice to hear that you are OK. My sister lost everything to Katrina (she lives in Ocean Springs, MS) so I know how devestating those things can be.

    We watched the SuperBowl also. Had chips & salsa, salad, and pizza. No party, just me, husband, Sheltie Duncan, and Simon Templer Wheelwell kitty.

    I loved the "mouse" comercial, the guy car wash, Oprah and Dave, but the Budwizer commercials disappointed. Hubby and I thought that a majority of the commercials this season were violent and mean spirited. No reason for that.

    I don't get Prince either. CD (hubby) & I agreed that we don't get Prince so much. He may be a good musician, but not extrordinary, and difficult to look at. He was brave to take on a Jimmy Hendrix song, however.

    I wasn't partial to either team, but Peyton Manning did go to school here in Tennessee, and he seems to be a very likable guy, who takes his game/occupation seriously and himself not so much.

  5. I liked some of the Doritos commercials, the FedEx on the moon, and the Chevy done by the UW Milwaukee freshman. My dh is from Green Bay, so there was NO rooting for da bears in this house(also two of our kids live in Indianapolis area). Debbie, I really love hearing about your doggies, and your sewing skills are awesome!

  6. I would come visit you and eat leftovers with you family if I lived close enough - no complaints here! I missed superbowl food this year (sick child) and the thought of chicken wings and nachos is making me drool (I could go for a good 7 layer dip too).

    I admit, I like old Prince (before he went by the symbol) - I may even look into getting his new album when it comes out. I was suprised to hear he was going to do the halftime show, at first. Although, I thought he was much better than Billy Joel singing the national anthem.

  7. I watched the game, but half-heartedly. There wasn't one knee-slapping laugh out loud commercial that I saw. I really did not care for the singing Chevy commerical. Grated on my last nerve. I certainly didn't appreciate the humor in the beer commercial where everyone was slapping everyone else.

    It didn't matter to me who won, but it was fun to watch. I can't stand Prince, and whoever did the choreography clearly didn't consider camera angles because almost every shot of him had some ditzy girl prancing in front of him. Someone here at work actually compared Prince's talents to that of a classical music composer. Riiiiight.

    I'll have to check if I have those same edge stitching feet for my machine. I totally get the relaxation of the mundaneness of topstitching though. Love the jacket, Debbie!

  8. I love Prince, and I think he's a better halftime show than Justin and Janet or Shania. But different tastes make the world more interesting. Debbie, I want an invitation to your Superbowl party next year. What a spread!

  9. Another Prince fan weighing in...that was the only part of the Superbowl that I watched and really enjoyed...hey when I was younger, I wanted to be Mrs. Prince...guess that didn't work out!


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