Sunday, September 30, 2007

Coming Along

We had lots of errands to catch up on so I didn't get a whole lot of time in the sewing room today, but I did make some progress. This pic makes it look like the top is further along than it really is. But turn Zillie around and you'll see there's an important bit missing.

I still need to sew on the back waistband and lower bodice section, plus I think I'll need to shorten the sleeves somewhat before I sew on the sleeve bands. It was hard for me to judge the length of the dolman sleeves when making the pattern without being able to try it on.

Today I attached the front waist band, front lower bodice and I created and attached a modesty panel for the cleavage area. ClaireSondra, the reason I don't want to wear a cami underneath is simple — I just don't. ;-) More precisely, this fabric is nice and drapey and I don't want it to get hung up on an underlayer and I don't want to fiddle with keeping both layers in their correct places. Plus, I like how Sigrid's top looks with the panel made of matching print, like it's more planned instead of something there just to cover up.

I took a chance and didn't make a trial muslin but I think this one is going to fit fine especially given the more loose and forgiving style, but I'll pin the sideseams tomorrow, try it on and tweak if needed.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments welcoming me back. I didn't really go anywhere but something had to give for a while so I could cram 28 hours into every day. It was a busier than usual summer but things are starting to fall into a better routine so I should be around more regularly now. Still, it's nice to be missed and I thank you for that.


  1. Debbie, it looks great. Did you do anything special to make the modesty panel, or just make a triangle and then sew it to the bands?

  2. You know, I sometimes really resent the fact that I am not independently wealthy so that I could have every single hour of the day to do exactly what I want. Hee. But isn't it great to have so many interests that we long for those extra hours?

    Top is looking great!

  3. Totally understand about wearing the cami underneath, cuz it wasn't me who asked that. Hee hee. I hate fiddling with clothes when I'm wearing them. When I'm sewing them is another matter. :) Looking good!

  4. LOL Claire, you're right! Oops. It was Sondra/OPGal. I'll go fix that.

  5. Hey, who am I to argue with that reason? If you don't, you don't. Anyway, the modesty panel looks cool.


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