Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sewing Nibbles

Can't quite figure out what that's a photo of?? Well, let me help. That's one of the comforters on my bed. Post-Dani destruction and crude sewing job to seal the holes. This is one of her few puppy vices and she seems to know when the bed hasn't been made immediately upon getting up for the day.

It started out a few months ago as a little nibble out of one edge. OK, no big problem … a few runs of zigzag stitching at my machine and it was almost as good as new again. Well, not new since we've had it a while, but you know what I mean. Then some subsequent Saturdays later, we got up and left the bed unmade for a while, and when I went back upstairs to get dressed for the day, I was greeted by a big pile of stuffing and shreds of comforter in the middle of my bed, and, of course, Dani plopped in the center of the mess with bits and pieces hanging out of her mouth. The look of glee on her face was almost too much. That one took a little more creative sewing to patch up but I did it.

After that I'd been really good about making the bed as soon as I get up. For whatever reasons, she leaves it alone when the bed is made and she hasn't yet attacked the good top comforter that we turn back for sleeping. But today, I got up before DH and when he got up, he didn't make the bed. I went upstairs a while ago and found another big pile of stuffing and shreds. This time, however, the gleeful criminal was long gone. ;-)

The pic above actually looks better than it is in real life. That corner of the comforter (sor far, she likes only that one corner … DH's corner) is severely distorted, ugly and lumpy with all the haphazard fix-it-fast sewing all over. I'd buy another comforter right away except Dani is still a puppy and if when this happens again, I'd prefer it not be on a brand new one. So, we'll limp along with this ugly thing for a while longer, try harder to remember to make the bed immediately, and dream of the day when it's safe to buy a replacement.

(Another of her bad puppy vice is shoes. Dani has claimed and destroyed one pair per each member of our family and we've all learned that shoes not put up and away are fair game. The silver lining is that my teenage sons are now not leaving their shoes laying around the family room anymore.)

The other sewing nibble for today is my re-make of the annual football tee shirt Friday morning before starting my rounds of football meal pickup/delivery/serving and attending the game. These pics aren't so great and are after I wore my remade tee Friday night, so bear with me please. Here is one of the original man's tees:

And here is my remade version on top. I bound the new neckline in navy cotton/Lycra ribbing and used navy thread for coverstitching the sleeve and bottom hems for a bit of contrast. The whole thing took less than hour, start to finish, and it's the only sewing for me I've done in over a month, but it felt good to actually be sewing for me.

And the back view. Last year, this DS was "Cookie, Jr." since big brother is/was "Cookie." Now, he moves up to just "Cookie." This is the coaches' nickname for him, not ours.

Friday night's game was interesting in many ways. First, it was rain-delayed, which was good since we were going to be a bit late. (Ahem. Someone, and I'm not naming names, DH DH DH DH DH, has absolutely NO sense of direction.) And the trip home was delayed for everyone by 30 minutes spent parked on the interstate waiting for a huge accident to be cleared (surprisingly no serious injuries and no one involved that we know). But the game itself was great! Our team blew theirs away, 30-6, and my sophomore baby actually got to play when the starting Center was injured in the 4th quarter. Nothing serious, thankfully, and I had to explain to his mom (another red-headed Debbie and sitting right next to us) that I wasn't cheering for her son's injury but for my son's Varsity debut. They're our friends, so they understood. I hope. ;-)


  1. Our puppy, Max, destroyed our good comforter when left alone while I went to a doctor's appt. He also ate several pairs of shoes. I truly understand your frustration with Dani. We found that pigskin twists given to him when we have to go out works. Max has his "chewy" and the furniture, shoes and bedding are left alone. Good luck on getting thru the "puppy stage" without murder in your eyes. By the way, nice T-shirt save. You are one of the most talented and creative people I know in blogland.

  2. I've learned that for now, no area rugs. Potty training still, and all. Other than that, these puppies do quite well with the chewing stuff. I lost a favorite pair of Paolo shoes to a puppy my daughter had a few years ago, so I don't leave shoes out. Chewy treats work well for us too - they like Dingos. Their favorite.

    Congrats to your DS for his varsity debut! Yay on the tshirt. I copied your tutorial once for a work tshirt I had to wear. It worked GREAT!

  3. When I went away for the weekend and left our dog w/my son - she got me back by taking every pair of shoes from my closet, and chewing them up. I now hate closets with louver doors. I found them all strewn around my BR floor, chewed.
    We have a new puppy too.

  4. Debbie ~ its good to see you back! Now when I see something "just for Debbie" I will realize that the lazy days of summer are finally over and fall is coming. Bring on the Debbie garments!


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