Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It was March when I first mentioned this Patrones jeans pattern, noting its seemingly perfect-for-me extra thigh and caboose room. It's now October and I've finally traced it.

I also traced a capris pattern from the 02/2007 issue of Ottobre Woman (the issue with all those great tee shirts!), but not the one I have circled in that pic from March. Instead, I've traced the pair at the bottom left of that line drawing sheet because it's more jeans-like and will be easier to morph if it works. Maybe by next summer, I'll get around to the other pair of Ottobre capris.

Looking back on that March post, I see that I didn't make up anywhere close to what I wanted to try, which is always the way. Too many patterns, too little time. But hey, I did make about half of them so that's pretty good. Of course by now my want-to-make list is even longer. Sigh. If I was filthy rich, I think I'd have a staff to trace, cut & sew along with me.

After dinner tonight, I'm going to cut and sew a muslin for each of these traced patterns and compare.

Oh, I forgot to mention … I think I hate the non-English pattern magazines. I don't need the construction information but I *do* need the info for things like waistbands to cut from measurements, or recommended fabrics, etc. I'll need to study the Spanish in the Patrones a little to see if I can figure out that waistband (in centimeters no less!). Otherwise, I'll just cut a length of muslin and wing it. A waistband isn't hard to figure out, but not being able to understand other little details makes me crazy.


  1. Ooh, I want a staff when I'm rich too! And a maid, and a laundress, and a cook.

    And a chauffer, and a valet, and a hairdresser who shows up every morning & does my hair & makeup. Ok not every morning, because who wants to be gotten up at the crack of dawn for hair and makeup?

    Then all I have to do is play with the kids, the cats, and sew!

  2. I am fluent in Spanish...if you ever need a quickie translation, I'm happy to oblige! :-)


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