Friday, October 12, 2007

Out the door

What's the quickest way to make the steamy Florida temperatures drop? Why, sew a pair of capris in October, of course! It was a frigid 67 degrees when I took the dogs out at 6:15 a.m. Brrrr! I know, you're all laughing but after nearly 20 years of being a Floridian, anything below 70 is cold to me.

The capris are done and the temps are rising to be back over 80 by midday so all is going as planned so far. But that brief cold snap this morning gives me hope that lower humidity levels are just around the corner and soon we'll be enjoying that perfect Florida weather up until next May.

I went a little topstitching crazy on these but I wanted them to look more like "real" jeans than a quickie sew of pull-on denim pants. From way before summer started, I had really wanted to sew true jeans from this fabric but I never seemed to have the time. I finally decided *something* was better than wishing the flat fabric was pants. At least now I can wear them, and I will. A lot. I may still topstitch a fake fly onto the front but I'm out of time this morning and need to get out and about to start the day. A day which won't end until close to midnight, when I'm back home again after Team Mom and Game Day duties. Tonight is Homecoming, so halftime will run long and the game will end later than usual.

This is the side pocket. I *need* this pocket every Friday when I'm looking for an easy place to stash the receipt from the restaurant that provides the team meal. It's also good for dog treats during our daily walks. The back pockets are slighty bigger versions of this same shape, with the same topstitching. I wasn't imaginative this time as this is the exact same pocket and topstitching used for my khaki capris earlier in the year. I've been wearing those on some Fridays, but inevitably when I do is when I slosh BBQ sauce down my leg. If you haven't guessed yet, Mr. Murphy seems to follow me around a lot.

The bottom hem is vented, and I bartacked just above the opening with navy thread for a little invisible security. Nothing exciting there, just a detail that will be useful for me when I'm sitting funny and go to get up with my pants leg still stuck under my butt or something. ;-)

Now, to the shower and then out for a quick dog walk. Then off to the school to pick up checks for the restaurant, to the restaurant by noon for lunch for me and DS and then to load the food, return back to school to unload the food, set up the tables and drinks, serve the team, clean-up, return home around 4 p.m. for another quick dog walk, grab dinner, and off to the game at 6:45 p.m. Sounds like fun, eh? ;-) Actually, it is as long as you don't list it all out like that. Go Cougars!


  1. Your new capris look great! Man, you have a busy day ahead of you! Good luck and Go Cougars!

  2. I don't why it should surprise me (anymore), but I'm constantly amazed at the professional look everything you create, has. I know, simple pull-on pants, but that topstitching is perfection! I can relate to the heat nonsense (I'm in Phoenix) although generally (obviously) it's a DRY HEAT, but about a week ago, our humidity was up, and it really does make a difference! The fact that we're having "unseasonably warm weather" doesn't help either!
    Just a curiosity question. Do the restuarants provide meals for the team gratis? When my dd played volleyball, the parents took turns buying and bringing in lunch for the girls, but of course, the basketball players (boys that is) DID get meals provided by restuarants. Oh well. Good luck to the Cougars!

  3. Great job on the top stitching and on the capris. Go Cougars!

  4. It doesn't happen just in Florida ... this same weather change happened here in Ottawa. I got to wear my new pair 3 times to work and now I am pulling out the mitts for the kids as it is frosty up here!

  5. (Have picked this up a little late,Debbie.)Could you explain,please,for an Aussie,what Homecoming Week is about?

  6. OK, Debbie, sorry, but I've only read the first line of your blog and I'm laughing already!! Getting up at 6:15?????? Some days I'm glad that my kids are grown. Well, not really, except for the grandkids. Now I'll go read about the Cougars and your capris.


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