Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Errands

No sewing today, yet. After I'm done typing here, I'm going to head up to the sewing room to finally hem that last Ottobre tee I recently mostly finished, since there's no football game on tonight and I couldn't care less about the World Series. After the hem, I have to sew up yet another pillow that Dani nibbled. Well, same pillow but second nibbling. Sigh. She thinks the throw pillows are just big square doggie toys. Actually, she thinks just about anything is a doggie toy. ;-)

Today was errands and odd jobs day. I left the house early this morning for Costco and the grocery store. After coming home and putting away the haul, it was lunch and then off to the dog park with the whole family. That was nice. There were tons of dogs there today and of course I forgot the camera.

We got back from the dog park around 3 PM and the baking urge struck. I made blueberry muffins, banana nut mini muffins, and 2 batches of brownies. Most of these will be packed up for DH to take on the road this week, although you can see Quality Control has already been sampling the goods.

Speaking of DH … he's making progress on my sewing table. I don't think it will be done tonight, but maybe. He's out putting the final coat of paint on it right now. The photo below shows one coat of primer. After the paint, he'll put the shelves into the middle areas and then we've got to take the top off the current table and attach it to this one. Casters need to be attached to the legs too. If it gets too late, I'll wait until next weekend so I'm not out a cutting table completely. But those shelves are really calling to me. So close …

Keeping DH company in the garage today (and sweeping up the floor with his tail!) was Gizmo. He's doing great and it seems he's forgiven DH for the runover. You'd never know how traumatic his last two weeks were. Our neighbor who found him last week knocked on the door on Saturday to see how Gizmo was doing. She also brought us two mini loaves of pumpkin bread. What a sweet lady! I'm the one who should be bringing *her* the pumpkin bread.

My denims from Fashion Fabrics Club arrived yesterday. The brown is not as heavy as I was hoping, but it's still quite nice and will make pretty pants for the upcoming "winter." It has a subtle striping in the weave which I like. You'll probably need to click the pic to make it large enough to see the detail. The blue is a nice dark denim (but the flash is making it look lighter here), so all in all I think I fared well. It's hard buying denims from FFC since their descriptions are not always very enlightening. To say the least. ;-)

The last "errand" of the day was dinner. Blue cheese burgers requested by DH. These are waiting for the grill. Easy to make and very tasty. Mix the hamburger with ground chipotle pepper, worcestershire sauce, mustard powder, cilantro, black pepper, salt, and a bit of hot sauce. Then form into thin patties. Between pairs of patties, layer crumbled blue cheese and then squoosh the patties together. Yummm! I'm still stuffed and we ate almost 2 hours ago.

All in all a relaxing family weekend. I hope yours was good too!


  1. OMG, those blue cheese burgers sound heavenly. I want one now! Curse you, Debbie Cook, for posting such tempting recipes. ;-) I know some items that are going on my grocery shopping list...

  2. Yes, sounds like a lovely family weekend. Glad Gizmo is still improving. My weekend is extending to today, Monday, when I will be auditioning a cleaner; with full time jobs DH and I can't keep up. And we are so tidy in preparation for her! Besides making minestrone soup, I'm off to the sewing room today.

  3. Only 4?!? Are you guys watching your weight?LOL....I'd have to have had at least 3 times that amount around here. No one would be satisfied with 1

    I had a working weekend, thank you. Lots of yard work.

  4. Debbie, I love blue cheese burgers. Off topic: I've been trying since August to solve the problem of bagginess in my back pants pattern and looking your blog. When you do the wedge alteration, and the grainline *is* thrown off, then what?

    I've got pants with side seams that are drastically slanted forward.

    Oh, and to respond to your question about when you already have a pants block perfected, why do you keep buying other patterns anyway? I think it's in our nature to keep searching and see if there's something we've missed somewhere.

    I've ticked the box that says you can email me. Also, my own blog is matchingnotches.


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