Friday, October 19, 2007

Tracing an Onion

I'm about to leave for the weekly Friday football pre-game meal duties, but I did manage to squeeze some tracing time in this morning.

I like the lines of this top and bought the pattern, even though I could probably copy it pretty well by just morphing a TNT tee. There's nothing like the call of a new pattern, eh? Although I'm pretty sure I have learned my lesson for pants patterns!

I laid my TNT Ottobre pattern pieces over the Onion pattern sheet and could see immediately that things weren't too far off. Yes, I'd need to add width since my Otto tee is plus-sized and the Onion isn't, but it would be a straight 2" per side seam (according to my eyes and the Onion pattern measurements), so nothing too hard there. Everything else seemed to line up very well. Except the bust area for the front empire piece of the Onion. But I knew that would be the case, so I was expecting to need an FBA.

That's where I'm leaving the pattern for the moment. I've already slashed/spread for the FBA. Now I just need to rotate the resulting dart up to the shoulder seam where there are already gathers. I'll do that between meal and game time when I get home later and I'll share pics (although it's nothing complicated so it won't be earth shattering) probably later tonight or tomorrow. After the alterations, I'll sew an ungly knit muslin to test out the altered pattern.

Now it's off to the races …

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  1. Oh man! I think you're going to make me buy another pattern. BTW, earthshattering or not, the pics you share of your adjustments are extremely helpful and much appreciated! Izzie


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