Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year … Woof! Woof!

No resolutions here. I'm bad at making them and even worse at keeping them. And I still can't believe it's 2008 already.

We went to the dog park this afternoon. So did a constant stream of about 100 other people with their dogs. Chili and Dani had a blast! Pepper was wishing she was home since someone in a nearby neighborhood was lighting off firecrackers and, along with thunder, that's the worst thing in the world for her.

After we had our fill of the big dog side, we moved over to the small dog area. I had to do a double-take when I saw this man entering with his dogs. Look familiar?? (That is not Dani and Chili!)

Here's a bit of double vision, with all 4 of them running around together (Chili and Dani are on the left). I think our poochies ran about 20 miles this afternoon.

The temps are dropping rapidly and it's supposed to be down to the 20s by very early morning. Brrrrr!! I started a pot of soup before we left for the park and used up leftover sweet potatoes for some fresh bread. The cold air this afternoon has given us all a big appetite so now we're just waiting around for dinner to be ready. I hope the bread turns out. It's a new recipe and it sounded yummy.

I think I'll go pull out the TNT Burda pattern for the jeans I want to make for DS and start on them while I'm waiting. It's either that or finish off the last of the Christmas cookies. ;-)


  1. LOVE the dogs!! If your bread turns out you will have to share the recipe. I have some sweet potatoes that need to be eaten too;) Thanks for sharing your pooch pics

  2. the dogs are way too cute running together! Can you share the recipe for the bread? g

  3. Oh, your dogs are so cute! And I second the request for your bread recipe!

  4. Those other dogs MUST be distant relatives that Chili and Dani had lost touch with!

  5. Ah, heck, eat the cookies. You know they'll be calling you if you don't.


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