Friday, January 25, 2008

It Might Work

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am like a starving dog with a bone … I just don't easily let go. So, of course I ripped out the arms of the latest Burda tee to get to work on trying to salvage it. I hadn't yet hemmed the bottom so if I end up taking in the sideseams all the way down, at least I won't have to rip that too.

I tried it on sleeveless and noticed two things right away. First, the shoulder seams are set just a smidge too forward for me. And, second, the shirring is what is causing the weird curvature at the front armhole. I didn't think the pattern looked particularly curvy at the armhole and this confirms that thought. But it is still right on the verge of being too narrow-shouldered and I don't have any seam allowance left after serging the sleeves on to fudge that.

What to do? Well, there's not a whole lot to do about the shoulder seam on this one. Not unless I want to remove the binding and since I don't want to fight with it yet again, I'm probably not going to. I'm saying probably because I reserve the right to change my mind after I see how the other fixes I have in mind work out.

For the armhole problem, I'm thinking that ending the shirring where I have the pins circled in the photo above should give me the extra width I need across the high bust. It will be a pain to unstitch the zigzags from this fabric, but I'll just suck it up.

I also need to take it in at the sideseams from the underarm down to below the waist. I have about an inch pinned out in the left side of the above pic. Definitely a big difference for batwing reduction.

On the other hand, I have enough fabric to cut an entirely new front. Hmmmm.

I'm going to let this sit today, though, and start on the jeans. I need jeans more than another tee. Especially with the temps dropping this week. It will down to a frigid 66F. ;-)

Oh, by the way, I wore my latest brown Burda pants yesterday and I'm not disliking them so much anymore. They are extremely comfortable, both in fabric and fit. Although every once in a while the seams down my backside feel like my undies have slid up when they haven't. Nothing majorly irritating, just a new feeling. LOL! They'll definitely be staying in my wardrobe.


  1. I admire your willingness to fix things. I make muslin mock-ups to avoid having to fix the actual garment. I'd rather just make a whole new one than alter an existing one. Am I the only one who feels this way?

  2. I'd cut a new front, rather than mess with the zigzags. I can't let it go, either, if I don't like the fit of something (although I have been known to heave a project at my husband and tell him that it's all his reason needed...and he'll just look sheepish and apologize). I do like this fabric. It's so colorful. And prints look really good on you!

    And, I'm so sorry for you that it's 66 outside. We're enjoying a balmy 16 (yes, sixteen) degrees, which is better than the promised six.

  3. I also admire and learn so much from your fitting commentaries. I love it when your things don't fit!! It's so much more fun for us readers to see you solve a problem than having things go perfectly and we say "bummer"! Just because it's so educational watching you fix fit that's "slightly less than perfect" to make it the "custom fit" that you've come to expect. I've rarely sewn for myself, except about once every 7 years to convince myself that I mustn't bother. That has not stopped me from buying fabric I'd like for myself. But you have a similar body type to mine and when I see the difference in how "put together" your whole look is when clothes don't have those funny wrinkles....makes me so evious. So I read, and I learn.
    BTW Try your chill 66 degrees with our -24 degrees!! All last week! (And it was colder with the windchill some days) But it was the first really cold weather we've had, until now it's been warm, slushey and dirty outside. No pristine white snow for sure.
    And by the weekend we will be back to warmer, slushy and maybe even rain. GRRRRR, which will freeze and make everything treacherously slippery. Not fun when you walk with a cane.

  4. "Oh, by the way, I wore my latest brown Burda pants yesterday … Although every once in a while the seams down my backside feel like my undies have slid up when they haven't."

    I hate when that happens! RFLMAO!!!

  5. Mid sixties has me thinking about making coats! Can't wait til next week when we're back up to the 70's!
    I don't think I have as much patience as you, I'd cut a new front if I had plenty of fabric.

  6. I'd cut a new front too! Are we voting?

    So are you making the shirred section shorter than the pattern calls for? I'm so glad you're giving this the old test run for me. I'll wait to make it up until you have the kinks worked out, kthanx. :D

    When I shir for Lu, I hand wind the elastic thread on a bobbin and sew with a lengthened straigiht stitch. I also backstitch a stitch or 2 to secure the ends. I still knot them, but it makes it extra secure. I have a bunch of these bobbins already wound so I'll probably shir that way rather than the zigzag way!

    OH and the first shot of steam on those shirred lines, they'll shrink up some more! It's like magic!

  7. I second cutting another piece[you won't/don't always have this option,so take it ;-)) ].
    Debbie...I have indicated my heroine worship before :-))...but, I love reading your blogs.This one made me realise that I'm reading as if it's a section of a sewing book-your descriptions are THAT good.
    It's great that the brown pants are being worn-they look great on you.

  8. I'm like you I can't "stop" until everything is right in my sewing world :) Once you hash out all these problems it becomes a TNT :) so there is a bright side. I think this top has a great style and your fabric/print is so it really does need to be done :) :)

  9. I also have a tendency to be quite "tenacious"! This is interesting...I've never seen this happen at the side seams. so I'll be interested in how you progress.


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