Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday, Monday

The mending is still sitting on my cutting table because I didn't do much in the sewing room this weekend except pass through. I did manage to sew the button back onto to DS' coat last night before bed because I remembered it was going to be cold this morning and he would need it. Other than that, my weekend was spent doing odd jobs around the house.

I knocked out a lot of painting and I can now say my dining room is officially finished. It was mostly finished, but there was one area of painting to do. If you look at the photo below, you can see the still-brown inner edge of that half of the double doors. (There's 2 sets of these double doors but the others were done months ago when we painted the dining room.) These edges and the sides of the doors facing the wall were still at wood or primer stage. I also painted the inside and outer trim of that doorframe and happily installed new knobs last night after it was all dry. All those "little" things that kept getting put off because I hate painting doors. Whose idea was it to paint all of the doors in house white anyway? (Yeah, mine.)

The closet doors and doorframe in the foyer were also still at primer stage and I'm glad to say they are now done too and a new knob installed so we don't have to keep fumbling to open the darn door. I also touched up the door in the laundry room that the dogs scratch on to go outside, the door to my sewing room that took a hit when DH was trying to squeeze my new cutting table through it, and various other spots throughout the house that were sporting nicks.

But these doors …

… still don't look much different. Sigh. But I did start them last night and so far have painted about half of them today. It's such a tedious task. Each row of 3 windows takes me almost half an hour. You do the math, and keep in mind there's one whole panel you can't really see in the pic. ;-)

Holding the paint bowl as I go makes my arm ache after a while too so it ends up being paint, paint, break. Paint, paint, break. And it's really going to need two coats on top of the primer you see here. But at least the second coat will go faster since I don't have to be quite as detailed with it. I'm looking forward to a day hopefully this week when I can get out the razor blade, scrape the paint off the window panes and finally call it done! We've been living with the primer on the frames and panes for 2 years. Ahem.

We'll still need to paint the outside of the doors but I've already decided we'll tape and otherwise block off the house portion and then get out the power spray painter and have at it. But it might be another 2 years before I am motivated to do that.


  1. Looks beautiful Debbie! I hate painting, but everything always looks so fresh when you are finished.

  2. Well if it is any consolation - it is looking pretty good!

  3. The doors look great, Debbie!
    And the red is the most beautiful shade of red I've ever seen on a wall. What's the name of that paint, if you don't mind sharing?

  4. Yep, painting those doors would be a job that never gets done in our house! We talk about painting a lot around here, but that's all it!

    I bet you are very happy to be able to cross off some of those painting chores on your list!

  5. It took me 16 months to finish wallpapering my family room. Started the summer of 2006, but couldn't get my sons to move the bookcases and TV cabinet, so those 2 sections of wall were not done....until the last weekend of Christmas break, 2 weeks ago! It makes you feel great, doesn't it? I hate painting, too, which is why I wallpaper. Your rooms look splendid!

  6. Things to do around the house really cuts into one's sewing time. But the house sure looks good. Good job on the painting.
    Donna W
    Edmonton, Alberta

  7. It looks fabulous! If it makes you feel any better, I never did finish painting the trim in my bedroom after my last redo. At least 2 years I have a brand new gallon of paint to REPAINT that stinking room! The way I see it, it was a GOOD thing I didn't paint the trim 2 years ago, because it certainly wouldn't have matched my newly chosen color. ;)


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