Sunday, January 6, 2008


I'm currently finishing up some jeans for DS but I'd rather be sewing for me. My mind keeps wandering to a jacket pattern in a recent Burda WOF Plus issue. I don't think Burda archives the plus issues (I really wish they would!) so I'll have to scan it later to show you which one.

Most of the time I can only work on one project at a time. And if it's something that's not going well or that I've lost interest in, it stalls my whole sewing mojo. That's kind of where I am with the jeans. I want to finish them but I just wish they were finished already so I could move on to ME! ;-)

While looking through the McCall's website to take advantage of their weekend sale, this pattern caught my attention:

I almost ordered it but then decided I could morph my Ottobre tee into it, so that's been percolating around in the gray matter too. When I'm finished with the jeans, I'll probably start on this first since it will have more of an instant gratification factor. The jacket will take more fitting and fabric contemplation. The top may not get further than a muslin, though, since it does have a tent-y thing going on which is not usually a good look on me. I'm hoping that the stitched-down pleats will help.

In the meantime, back to today's playoff games and those jeans.


  1. Burda has put up the archives for Burda Plus, but only on the German pages so far. You can find it here,1270777-1583972,deDE.html
    Sometimes you do get what you wish for.

  2. Mia answered first, but yes, BurdaPlus does have archives. They are in the German pages, under "Archiv Sonderhefte" (extra/special issues archive). I was very happy when I found them.,1270777-1000019,deDE.html

  3. Hi Debbie!
    I was thinking about making your McCall's pattern, too... But, I could "hear" an "are you having a BABY??" response in my head. (Which is "funny" 'cos maternity styles here are very tight & body hugging.)
    I just wish there were more style options for REAL women 50+, eh!!
    Looking forward to see how you go/think about this style. This hobby is FUN, eh!
    Warm greetings,
    Rhonda in Montreal (

  4. Hey Debbie--sorry about the Bucs. I was hoping we'd see them in Dallas rather than the Giants. And I'm just hoping the Boys come to REALLY play after their recent slumps!

  5. I'm interested to see how that top turns out on you. I think it's really pretty, but worry about the maternity look as well. My waist is not as tiny as it used to be. :) Sorry about your Redskins. :(

  6. I have this McCall's pattern, even made it up. I added just a bit of a belly adjustment for maternity use--but it was just very very slight. I think I could have gotten by without adding to the sides, and perhaps just adding a smidget to the center front. I used some FOE at the neckline and also at the sleeve hems (because I goofed and had no room for sleeve hems). I also changed the sleeves to more of a plain regular sleeve. I like the pattern for maternity, but I'm warning you, it is borderline tent-like. You will have to be very careful on the fit if you are well endowed up top, otherwise I don't think it will look well at all.



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