Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So Far, So Good

A quick update while I'm waiting for DH to get home from work. Although after seeing these pics, we really shouldn't be going OUT to dinner. Sheesh ... those Christmas cookies tell no lies and it's time for another 2008 resolution.

This is the muslin from the current pants. The leg on the left side of the pic has the tuck in it between crotch and knee. It's an even tuck, around the whole leg. Big difference, no? BTW, the seaming over the derriere is supposed to be curved as you see. It looks weird to me in muslin, especially with the dark undies, but much nicer in the final fabric. And the seam does provide a nice fit over the tush.

Next are the real pants, with the Minott alterations incorporated into the pattern. I haven't yet attached the waistband so an elastic "belt" is holding them up. The vertical seams are still basted. Hopefully the pic is clear enough that you can see there are no X wrinkles. There are vertical wrinkles because they're still too long and I'm standing on the bottoms. The fabric is a milk chocolate brown woven RPL (rayon, polyester, Lycra) with both horizontal and vertical stretch. I will definitely be stabilizing the crotch and waist seams.

I was also experimenting with the leg width and the sideseam on your right has been taken in an additional .75" (total 1.5"). It would look better if I wasn't standing on the hem area ;-) but I think I prefer the narrower leg.

Here's a front view, although I forgot to turn off the flash. My hand is at the top of the pocket opening. (And I swear I recently cleaned this mirror.)


  1. Ahh, too bad about the reflection in the mirror.
    Debbie is it possible to reduce the leg width by taking it out at the seams which run down the center back of each leg?

  2. I like the narrower leg width on the brown slacks. It's just a slight amount, but definitly slims the leg and hip visually.

  3. I like the narrower leg, too. As Cathy said, it's very slimming. I've seen the seams through the tush on commercially made pants, and they do help the fit, in my opinion. Nicely done! Is this pair of pants the candidate to go with your most recent top?

  4. I also think the more narrow leg is slimming.

  5. hope you had a lovely evening with the DH. I'm having a hard time seeing the fit. Do you like them? How about a better picture with them finished.

  6. So, you achieved this fit with just the cut and slide at the knee and the tuck at the knee? No FED?
    This is verrry interesting! Izzie


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