Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Pants Trials

First, thank you everyone for weighing in on the length of the last top. So far in the comments, longer is winning with "medium" coming in second. I'm going to let it sit for a while before I decide what to do. And, as Belinda pointed out, I really need to decide what pants and shoes I want to wear with it. It's not as casual a top as I usually wear, so that will have some bearing on the rest of the outfit.

(Oh and to address your comments Carolyn ... thank you for your opinion. I like hearing different takes, different ideas. But … (you knew there was a but!) … I'm not going to add any more dark brown because I want the focus to remain UP, near my face. If I add brown at the sleeves or bottom, it will just draw more attention to my hips.)

In the meantime, I'm going totally off track from the ideas that have been floating around. Which isn't unusual for me. I should learn to never say what I'm planning to sew next because it usually doesn't happen that way.

I've traced these pants from the January 2008 issue of Burda WOF.

I'm really loving the close-up detail photos Burda is now including on the website. This new feature is so helpful since you usually can't see those details in the modelled magazine photos. I love the pockets and extra seaming on these. The front and back seaming, by the way, incorporates waist darts so I shouldn't end up with a bunch of extra fabric at the waist, which is good for my basically hourglass shape.

I'm about halfway through initial alterations before I cut a muslin. I'm doing this at the commercial breaks during the NFL playoff games today so it will be slow going. Instead of doing my previous "X-wrinkle" alteration shown here, I'm trying an alteration shown in one of Jan Minott's books (I have 3 of them and the exact title is upstairs in the sewing room so I'll update that info later). It's an easy alteration to try so I thought I'd give it a go just to see the results.

I'll also have to add to the back crotch length so I'll do this at the top of this pattern. It's a partial-elasticized, pull-on pant and adding on to the top is the easiest and most efficient way for this pattern.


  1. Debbie, I was so happy to read your pants posts...I was drawn in with the BWOF pattern, as I am aiming to get going on pants this year...but your link to the X adjustment totally hit the nail on the head for me! I thought my pants did that b/c I am "fluffy" Thanks for the lightbulb moment!

    I can't wait to hear how the BWOF turn out for you. Andi

  2. Debbie, all this info is also in Sewing Pants That Fit and The Perfect Fit, both from the Singer Sewing Library Reference, and so well be had for a few cents/dollars depending on your E'bay luck.
    No need to buy the expensive Minott books.

  3. Wow! what a difference!
    Wonderful when you sort out a problem that has been hanging around for a while. The result after the X adjustment is just great.
    I dont have a mirror wide enough to take a picture of my backside, that's good though Right?


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