Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Crumb for Carolyn

The stars aligned yesterday and I was finally able to make it to Joann's, with a coupon, and return with a full bolt of muslin. (I also left with a cut of fabric, which may be what I use for this blouse but I want to see how it washes first.)

So, Carolyn, here's the next crumb: Muslin #2. Yes, I'm wearing my PJs. ;-)

There are still some issues. The main problem is the sleeve. The sleeve band at the bottom is too tight (it's ripped open in the photo of me wearing it) and I'm not liking the super-puffiness of the sleeve. It's too tight because the sleeve itself drafted wonky and I had to sew out about an inch to make the seams match, so I'll just correct the problem and it will be fine. But I know I'll be removing some of that puff which will mean at least one more sleeve trial, but I haven't decided if I want to keep it a semi-puffy sleeve or just go for a regular sleeve. Right now I'm leaning toward keeping it semi-puffy because I like the look (regardless of whether it's *my* best look).

Other issues: The new collar band and collar drafted too long for this neckline so I'm going to have to cut them down. Not a big deal. It also looks like I need a bit more bust room but part of the problem is the too-tight sleeve so I'll revisit that after a new sleeve is in place. The back is so-so. I need to move the waist darts and sew them deeper at my waist.

On the bright side, I like the new angle of the bib seam. ;-)

None of this is really major — just some tweaking left to do, so I'm still encouraged. I'm going to set it aside for today, though, while we do some family things to celebrate DS#1's 19th birthday.

* * * * *

Donna, you asked if I cut my PMB pattern pieces out exactly and then lay them on the fabric so that when I cut the fabric, I'm not cutting onto paper. Yes, that's what I do. The paper is too thick to stay flat and stable if I cut it and fabric at the same time.


  1. First, you made me laugh with the title of the post! :)

    Second, I agree with the semi-puffy sleeves on the blouse...if you make a straight sleeve you are going to lose some of the charm of the blouse. And I think the look will be okay for both of us! *LOL*

    Third, I love the way the bib looks now too!

    Finally can I say that I'm eternally grateful to you for working out all of these fit issues on this top and can't wait to get a copy of the pattern.

    Remember anything you want from NYC! Email me, we will discuss!

    Oh, and I hope your son has a great birthday! They are growing up fast!

  2. I like what is going on there with the blouse - I think the sleeve will be fine if it has a little of the puffy gone. I like the flavor that the puffy sleeve gives also- I don't think it would be as cute without the gathered sleeve either. I am glad you mentioned a pattern with the cup adjustment that is a little like this as I found the pattern in a sack from a Hobby Lobby sale that I had forgotten about. I could never do all that drafting and fitting you do- it is a major accomplishment for me to take a hacksaw to a commercial pattern and sew anything at all that sort of fits or buttons. I am sure though when you make the final one I will add it to my I wanna sew that someday list also. I already have about 10 of your pattern numbers waiting for me but hey what's another one in the stack.

  3. I am really liking this on you Debbie. I think that a little less puff will be perfect and without it, it wouldn't be as charming. Can't wait to see the finished product

  4. I like the puffy sleeve. Very feminine and pretty.

    Happy birthday to your son!

  5. The shirt looks great indeed but I agree that the sleeve is too puffy. However, muslin is quite stiff, in "real" fabric the sleeve won't puff that much. I know because I starched my silk for my shirt and the sleeve looked a lot like your muslin one, but after washing the starch away, it was a nice sleeve alright!
    Happy birthday to your son!


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