Sunday, March 23, 2008

Before I Forget

I had meant to show this comparison earlier but then I started working on muslins and the pattern pieces were scattered all over. The white paper on the bottom is my PMB-ified pattern, the sheer pieces are the tracing (w/o seam allowances) of the size 42 from BWOF after I did that "mock" FBA on it, last month. They really aren't too far off in general shape. My pattern is wider, of course, because I am. I see now that I should've copied the angle from the bib section instead of guessing, but my second guess turned out very close so it's all good.

Thank you everyone for the nice comments about the blouse! It was fun having you along on the project, encouraging and motivating me. It will be nice to have this addition to my summer wardrobe.

Speaking of which … I've already moved on and have cut out a new summer skirt. I'll sew it up after dinner and will then have something to wear with the blouse when I take pics. It's my TNT Jalie 2681.

I'm using the same fabric I used for this Onion top.

But … I hacked off the long sleeves of that Onion top today. I wore it exactly twice over the winter because of those darn sleeves. The wrist/cuff area fits fine at my wrists, but it's too snug to push up my arms, which is what I usually do with long sleeves since our "winters" are not exactly frigid most days. I love the fabric and I hated to see it mocking me hanging in the closet, so it will now be a spring/summer top. And it will match the skirt, if I want a 2-piece dress look. I'll hold judgment on that until I see how they look together.

I eeked the skirt out of every last inch of that fabric. All 8 gores and 1 flounce piece were cut without a problem, but I had to chop the second flounce in the middle and add a seam. I'll make that the back flounce and no one, especially me, will ever notice it.


  1. I love that pattern, I've been eyeing on Pattern Review. I keep thinking, "It would be so easy to draft my own." I'm sure I'll buy it here pretty soon.

  2. Eeek! Another pattern that calls my name I am sure. While the cat and I were in the chair watching Ghostly Encounters you have a matching skirt well on its way. You are making me really think I need sewing intervetion. mssewcrazy

  3. I meant sewing intervention- my spelling is not much better than my sewing output these days.mssewcrazy

  4. I am very impressed with your blouse and it's stripes. I'm looking forward to seeing it modeled. It is really, really pretty!

  5. I can't wait to see the finished skirt. When I grow up I want to be you - fresh bread, constantly working in the sewing room, dogs that don't drool!

    Can we see the modified top? g

  6. O you terrible enabler - that Jalie pattern is lovely - Imogen would love that... I may just have to go No mail on your coop so I can't see when you do the next Jalie coop! ;-) (trying to economise here...)


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