Friday, March 14, 2008

Continuing On With Fitting the Blouse

(Click on the graphic above to see it in more detail. My latest changes are in pink.)

I still have not made it to Joann's for more muslin. I was actually out the door and in the car yesterday when I realized that I didn't have a current coupon. I used them last weekend on thread, the same trip when I forgot to buy the muslin. I'm not buying a full bolt of muslin at full price, so I'll have to wait until the next flyer shows up in the mailbox. For all I know, it may already be there since I didn't check the mail yesterday afternoon.

In the meantime, I tried on the sewn muslin again and started evaluating. I decided the reason the shoulder seams were hitting me weird is because the whole back wasn't laying properly. And that's because my butt got even bigger since the last time I drafted a blouse with the software. Depressing but true, and so something that had to be dealt with. If not immediately on the body, at least on the pattern. ;-)

I slashed the muslin straight up the back waist darts. Now that the fabric had enough ease to go over the curves, everything was much better. So I added 1-1/4" to the back sideseam of my pattern. I think (hope?) this is a bit too much, but I can sew it out, if necessary, at the darts and sideseams after muslin #2 is made.

Another change I made was to the front bib seam. I added 5/8" to the center piece at the "princess" seam and removed the same from the outside piece, in order to create a wider angle in the seam.

The last changes were to lower the front and back necklines small amounts but which necessitated new collar pieces, and to extend the shoulders 1/4" (because Belinda convinced me that a slightly extended shoulder seam feels better to wear during my usual mom/wife daily activities).

Only the pink pieces needed to be printed again and that's what I did. Another 12 pages now waiting to be taped together, which will only take a few minutes once I get into the sewing room.

Hopefully I'll only need one more muslin. And hopefully, I'll get it done over the weekend so I can work on the real blouse.


  1. Debbie, Thanks so much for showing the changes you are making on the pattern - it really helps to visualize what to do to custom fit a pattern. I have similar issues and your pictures are worth a 1000 words! Good luck with this tweak!
    Tammy in WI

  2. "because Belinda convinced me that a slightly extended shoulder seam feels better"

    Have I been talking in my sleep again? I'm glad I didn't say, "Wear a skin tight, hot pink, lycra bodysuit". I think even the goats would notice that one. LOL!

  3. Debbie, this post is FUNNY to read, if not to "live"!!
    Warm greetings,
    Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

  4. You know I am like a dog at the table eating the crumbs of this experience...I can't wait until you get to the sewing part and I can see the finished garment!

  5. Ok question Debbie: When you tape your pattern pages together, do you cut them out exactly and then lay them on your fabric so that when you cut your fabric, you're not cutting onto paper??? Inquiring minds are being enabled to buy PMB. I love how it works for you. Thanks.


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