Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Final Muslin

Muslin #3, and the last one for this top. I'm ready to cut bait and fish. Er, I mean cut fabric and sew. ;-)

I traced the BWOF collar and stand for the size 42 and they fit the neckline (and my neck) perfectly without any alteration so that was easy enough. I also went ahead and cut the back with a center seam, which I've decided I like and I'm keeping for the final. I eased the back shoulder darts to the front piece and I'll stick with that method for the final since the dart is only 1/2" wide total. The last thing to tweak is those stupid back waist darts. I'll see if DH is willing to pin them for me as the last step for final blouse. Well, I know he'd be willing. It will be a matter of whether he's good at it or not. LOL!

Making muslins delays having the final garment to wear but once I start, I find that I actually enjoy sewing them in an oddball sort of relaxing way. Cutting out goes quickly, there's no interfacing to mess with and the sewing is fast and ugly. And then the end result is progress you can actually track. I guess that explains why it was really no big deal to cut and sew three separate muslins for this blouse. Plus the knowledge that I can now just cut and sew the real blouse without interruption.

(Carolyn, I'll send along this final muslin with the pattern. I'm pretty sure my shoulders are squarer than yours but at least it will give you a jumping off point.)

The real fabric is in the dryer. Fingers crossed that it doesn't come out in one big unwieldy pile of wrinkles.


  1. I can't wait! I keep checking in to see the blouse. I'm glad my perseverence will soon be rewarded!

  2. What perseverence! This is going to be wonderful.

  3. Can you see me jumpin' up and down with a big cheesy grin on my face! I am so loving this top!

  4. This is going to be good - add me to the can't wait to see it list. I'd hate to see what dart thing my dh would help pin out though- I hope yours is more capable on the dart assist. mssewcrazy

  5. Debbie I am loving this blouse and how you are getting it to fit.

    I know what you mean about sewing musins. I enjoy going through the process too. Over time I think I've learned to enjoy every aspect of sewing. Otherwise, i guess I wouldn't bother :)


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