Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nope, Not Yet

All I've done today for the blouse is to press the fabric and give myself a headache trying to figure out what Burda means for the half-hidden button placket instructions. I think BWOF would be the perfect pattern magazine if a native English-speaker wrote the instructions for the English language version. I assume the other language translations are just as bad?? I don't mind the short instructions but it's really hard to put my head around a term that just isn't what we usually say in English, which tells me it's more of a literal translation than vernacular. Oh well. All I really needed to do was re-read Christina's review where one photo is as good as 10,000 Burda words. And after all that, I've decided I'm not going to use that half-hidden placket anyway. It's too bulky. What a waste of a headache. LOL!

So I tossed my experiment fabric pieces and took the dogs for a walk. It's over 80 degrees today, sunny and breezy. There aren't too many days left before the weather turns unbearably hot and humid so I had to get out and enjoy it while it's here. I noticed a lot of new baby goats in the big pasture but I didn't bring carrots today so we kept walking. Spring has definitely sprung.

I did mend DS#2's jeans, caught up on the ironing pile, and cleaned up from the muslins so the sewing room is now tidy and guilt-free and I'm ready to start on the blouse. I think I really just needed one day away from it to re-energize.


  1. It's 39, drizzling, and I'm jealous of your weather. Ah, well, the positions will be reversed when in July it's 85 here, with a lovely breeze on top of my hill.

    Ironing the new fabric can be infuriating. Have fun tomorrow starting with it, and I'm just one of many looking forward to the finished project!

  2. LOL - I did the same thing - gave myself a headache figuring out that hidden placket, then ditched it! Oh well, it was a good mental workout to ward off senility.

  3. I can't wait to see your finished top, so much went into this one it will be worth seeing

  4. Ah, that's why a decent translator only translates to his or her mother tongue... (I am a translator and only translate to Dutch). My partner and I call it 'knob bolts' - he recently put something together and the instructions mentioned 'knob bolts'. Now he's a builder and has been for years, and had never heard of 'knob bolts' before. The translation was obviously done by a non-native speaker who also didn't have a clue about the subject.
    Machine translation anyone? ;-)

  5. Have you seen this entry on the fashion-incubator site? While I don't think it gives detail on each kind of placket, it's got great pictures and shows a book you may want to look at if you still want to do the placket. If nothing else, it is kind of cool to see all the different kinds.

  6. I don't wanna hear that it is 80 degrees with a warm wind gently blowing somewhere in the world where I ain't!!!!

    2 hours to get home in the pouring rain...cold, damp and wet day! Yucky, yucky, yucky!

    Ummm, I am bouncing around in my seat waiting for the finished product!

  7. Delurking here, to say that I think the hidden placket is easier than it might first seem. I made this blouse a while ago, and from memory I think there's a mistake in the instructions -- when it tells you to baste both plackets down, but only topstitch one (can't remember off hand whether it's the left or right).

    I believe you only want to baste one of them (the one that gets topstitched). This is because the placket is slipped in between the folded-in placket and the blouse and is caught in the topstitching. Now this can't be done if it's already been basted shut (Luckily I'm lazy and only basted one side). Then it's folded over to match the main placket and stitched in place.

    Not sure if this is how BWOF meant it to be done, but it's what seemed logical to me at the time.

    Love this blog, btw,


  8. This sounds like a jigsawpuzzle with half the pieces. I bought the burda plus with the shirred top you did and a couple of ottobre magazines for the t's and sleeves. I decided against subscribing to either as just looking at the tracing lines is a nightmare and headache for me- I get little enough sewn when the pattern is simple and in English. I have not worked up the courage to even trace these things. I would either morph another pattern placket here that had readable instructions or do a regular one. I know from hearing this that I don't need to try this one- too advanced for me. Any burdas I buy will be pants or simple ones. I have enough headaches on my own without getting one from sewing. I am glad you showed us a big four pattern with the flavor in case I aspire to try one. mssewcrazy


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