Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not a Blouse

This is not a blouse. It's the now-repaired crotch of DS#2's jeans. You'll probably notice the pocket is not repaired. That was upon request. Teenagers!

These also are not a blouse. Three are more mom-made knit boxers for DS and the striped pair is RTW, now repaired and once again ready for action. When he wears the jeans above, the boxers will peek out of the pocket hole. I think I'm supposed to be happy about that. ;-)

Adding a sideseam to the boxer pattern changed my order of construction a little bit but I think I actually prefer it. For one thing, I can sew the fly area while the pieces are still flat — always a plus. For another, it's so much more fabric-efficient. Timewise, it's probably about even between the two. The no-sideseams are faster to cut out but a little more fiddly to sew, and vice versa.

So, as you've probably figured out by now, I've made absolutely zero progress on any sort of blouse for me. Maybe tomorrow. But at least I've cleared off the sewing table.


  1. You gotta love teenage boys. I just finished making a pair of jeans for DS1 (17) who asked "can you put some holes in them?" A very emphatic NO! was my reponse. "I make them, you wreck them" :-) DS2 (14) prefers his jeans second hand - takes less time to wear through the knees and butt.

  2. My dh tears his up as he is a farmer but not intentionally. He should work for a jean company getting them ready for the teenagers to buy.
    You may not have a new blouse but you have ds in good shape at least. I'll bet he is delighted with the new items and can have the neat boxers peeking out of the jeans with pride.If that sewing table is clear, I know I am fixing to want to stash more patterns or books as you are bound to start something I want to add to my list. I always do when I visit here. mssewcrazy

  3. Those are some great colors! Your sons are lucky that you'll do all of this for them. My oldest is out in "corporate world" now and is learning to hate his suits, the next 2 simply must have aero or AE. My youngest big son is 6'5" and a weightlifter; he is forever asking me (or now his sisters) to alter his shirts so they won't have "an extra shirt in the stomach". Now, I want to see that new blouse - I need inspiration! BTW, I went to HS in CT with a girl with your name who now lives in FL; when I first saw your blog, I thought for a minute you might be that Debbie!

  4. That is so funny that he wants his boxers to peek out of the pocket hole. Thank you for the laugh.

  5. I started to make some boxers for my son, but I couldn't find fabric cheap enough (that he liked) to make it worth my while
    Thanks for your comment on my BWOF blouse. I think what you're saying is exactly right. When I said I needed a bigger armscye, I meant a bigger "hole" so in essence, a smaller armscye. I do have really narrow shoulders and back, but large front, so fitting is always a challenge. NExt version I think I'll try and narrow the shoulder a bit and cut the armscye a little farther in.

  6. Son's are not the only ones who want their jeans patched! My dd has a pair of jeans that are more patch than jeans. I finally told her that more patching was just not possible. She bribes me with cleaning for 'just one more time Mom'
    How about that blouse1 We all need some inspiration here.


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