Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh Sure!

Yep. As soon as I chop off the sleeves, the weather forecast is for cold tonight and tomorrow. And by cold, I mean sub-70. ;-) It's supposed to drop to the 40s tonight, so that's cold even outside of Florida. Back to 80s by the end of the week, though. I now love this shirt again with its new short sleeves so I can wait on the weather.

I finished the skirt this morning. I ran out of steam last night and decided to read one of my Adele Margolis books instead. How to Make Clothes That Fit and Flatter: Step-by-Step Instructions for Women Who Like to Sew. Lots of fun and interesting information about styling so far. Oh, and girdles. LOL! It was written in 1969 after all. I'll write more about the book another day.

The Burda blouse is out of the wash and ready to be ironed. I'll do that later and try to snap some modeled pics this afternoon. Right now I've got to go clean up the remains of an empty serger cone that Dani snatched out of the trash basket and chewed into shreds. She is such a thief in my sewing room, and so I have to be really careful about what's in her reach. I kinda knew she'd go for the cone and I'd clean it up later. Since there's no real harm, I let her have some fun. Better that than another pillow. ;-)


  1. Debbie - I really like both pieces together! Don't you have a cardigan or sweater that you will coordinate with these pieces?!

  2. Pretty outfit, Debbie! I just haven't been inspired to sew - the weather's too dang cold.

    Luckily, given the size of my dog, he doesn't chew stuff. His predecessor, however, did once chew up one sofa pillow because we left him home alone in the air conditioning in July for 4 hours. I think it was the only time in his life he was ever along. So, I agree, the serger cone is a better thing for Dani to chew.

  3. This is looking great. I do like them together.
    I have a coverstitch question for you. I'm thinking about buying a machine. I can get a BL for around 900 at our local dealer, however, our local dealer is terrible. I can get a Janome for about 300. Do you think the BL is worth that much more? I've reviewed your comparisons, but without any experience, I'm not sure what I want or need. Please email me at Thanks Debbie.

  4. I am curious about your opinion on the cover stitch machine too. I really would like to have one but can't justify $800 or more for one. I also don't want to "settle" for a cheaper brand that I might not like.

  5. Love this outfit. I agree with Carolyn, a solid cardigan would look great over it and solve the weather problem.

  6. Looks really great Debbie. This is view D? I have the fabric you used originally and I think that I may copy you and make this skirt it looks so good on you. I like this 2 piece dress version too.


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