Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Photos and Answers

The Burda blouse is done, laundered, pressed (arghhh!) and reviewed, here. As I mentioned in the review, the wind was really howling when I was taking these photos (which was a comedy in itself, try to snap pics between gusts) and the back view shows how it plastered the blouse against my butt. There is actually plenty of ease back there but you'd never know it by this pic.

The Jalie skirt was originally reviewed, here. My expression here looks rather odd, but at least it's a modeled pic, right? And no, Carolyn, I don't have a brown cardigan. But I'm thinking I should since it would blend into my wardrobe rather nicely.

Click on any of the photos to see larger versions.

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Now to answer some questions from recent comments.

Nancy K, (re the Jalie skirt above): "This is view D?"

Yes, view D. The skirt with the 8 gores and non-godet flounce.

Laceflower (re the Burda blouse): "Debbie, you feeling OK? This is the tamest fabric I've seen you purchase."

LOL! Well, sometimes I do need some boring solid colors in the wardrobe. They can't all be wild prints.

Anna Szabo (re the Burda blouse): "Great blouse and I love the fabric I have a question. We appear to have similar shapes. I know you wrote me before that you draft up to the desired size using a similar increment that is used between the sizes of the existing pattern. I got the impression that you also used software to draft your pattern. I do not have the software but would like to do this shirt in my size. 16-18 in the big 4 patterns. Do you think this is possible without the software?"

Thank you! Yes, it's very possible to make this without software and without the pattern. You'll need a fitted blouse that has a side dart and you'll need to be willing to chop up a pattern and make a couple of muslins. The previous posts, here and here, show how to morph a regular fitted blouse into the shapes of the Burda pattern.

Nancy K: "I just looked at your jeans fly front zipper tutorial which is really excellent. How about a tutorial on that great waistband?"

When I make my next pair of jeans/capris, I'll try to remember to take photos. I'm not sure that it's tutorial-worthy though. ;-) Is there something specific you have a question about?

Alison: "… I believe you only want to baste one of them (the one that gets topstitched). This is because the placket is slipped in between the folded-in placket and the blouse and is caught in the topstitching. Now this can't be done if it's already been basted shut (Luckily I'm lazy and only basted one side)."

I did finally figure out what Burda meant, but thank you. I wanted to point out to you, though, that when Burda instructions state to "baste," they usually mean with pins. So, if you keep that in mind, you won't have a problem with something being unmoveable because it's been stitch-basted.

Joanne: "I copied a rtw blouse, got the "V" neckline perfect, but my sleeve doesn't fit my armhole, so I'll need to make another sleeve, that's my problem. Can you tell me how to draft a sleeve that will fit into an existing armhole?"

I've never drafted a sleeve from scratch in my life. But what I would do is to use a sleeve and armhole that I know work for me and then copy them onto the new pattern. Just substitute the good armhole by tracing over it onto the new pattern and then use the sleeve that goes with it. I'm all about doing things the easy way. ;-) HTH

Nancy K: "Thought you might be interested to know how your old posts are a great resource. I am making a welt pocket in pants and I referred back to this post to see where you put yours and what you used for stabilizer."

Thank you Nancy. I'm glad to know that what I write is helpful down the road.

Ann's Fashion Studio: "What pattern do you use for the boys boxers? They look great."
Thank you! I used a now-OOP Simplicity pattern, Simp 8150. I'm sure there must be a replacement pattern available or you can probably find this one on ebay.

Becky W (re the Button foot): "Looks way more functional than my Janome button sewing on foot. Mine does not have the elevation of the button on the garment. I end up getting the button in place and using a sharp pointed wooden skewer (spelling?) from the kitchen to give something to stitch over to give some thread shank to the button. Any ideas for a comperable generic?"

I wish I could be helpful on this but I tend to buy most feet directly from my Viking dealer. I do have some generics, but this isn't one of them. Maybe this one will work?


  1. I love that blouse! I admired it in the magazine, but never thought I could make it to fit me. It looks fantastic on you.

    I've made lots of clothes for my kids, but never something for me. I'd like to start making myself some nice fitting, comfortable clothes. Do you have any tips on where to start?

  2. Both look fantastic, but the fit on the blouse is impeccable!

  3. The blouse is just gorgeous. Wear it often!

  4. Wonderful blouse! I really admire your pattern modification skills and persistence.

  5. Beautiful! Both outfits are beautiful! I'm sure you're delighted!

  6. Simply fabulous!! Thank you so much for sharing the process, I'm really learning a lot!

  7. Both outfits look wonderful. And you definitely don't have a weird look on your face in the second picture. You look great--as you do in all of your pictures.

  8. Wow! Debbie you are modeling those garments! Both outfits are stunning...thanks for sharing the pics of you in the garments.

  9. The outfits look great. The blouse is lovely and fits perfectly.
    I have trouble getting my contour waistbands to be a perfectly even width and yours look perfect, always.
    I managed to score a copy of Ottobre from 2/07 with the t shirts. In the smaller sizes they don't have the added easing at the bust. Do you choose your size here by upper bust or full bust. I too am a DD cup, but I usually start out with a 40 in Burda in the shoulders and upper body with an fba.

  10. Fantastic blouse, Debbie. You do such an amazing job with fitting and pattern alterations. Thanks for all the knowledge you share.

  11. Love the blouse, fit is great, and that's a good color on you. Cute skirt too. . .

  12. Lovely blouse Debbie.
    Btw - Happy Birthday!

  13. Debbie,
    Thanks for letting us sew vicariously through you! "Our" blouse is gorgeous. And I look so nice in pink, too!!!

    Happy Birthday!

  14. the blouse looks very nice.. i should try it... but too bad we don't have any shop selling burda.. got to get it on the internet... thanks for sharing...

  15. Happy Birthday!!
    I particularly wanted to stop by just to sing a few bars.
    But I'll add, the blouse and the dress are both wonderful! Breezy photos or not, you can tell the fit is impeccable.

  16. Debbie your outfits look very very nice. Well done on the Burda top, it is very well done.


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