Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've tried on the blouse muslin with the proper undergarments. It has some problems. It fits great across and under the bust but there's something wonky with the shoulder seam. It's much too far forward for me, so I will have to investigate that. The back neckline is also bad. But that's my own fault for forgetting to scoop it out. PMB doesn't make nice back necklines IMO. Finally, the front seaming is a little bit off compared to the actual pattern makes I've seen so I will adjust that. (Have you seen Laura's review today?? OMG - it's gorgeous!) These changes will mean a new print-out and definitely a trip to Joann's since I squeezed the first trial out of my last remaining muslin.

All of this to come later as I'm being poked in the knee by Chili who is reminding me that we're late for our midday walk. He keeps better time than my wristwatch and never lets me forget it. Did I ever mention that when he wants something he pokes at my leg with his nose like he's tapping on my shoulder? It is the most adorable thing, except when you're trying to type a quick blog entry.

Oh, and Lisa, yes … DS was wearing a pair of the brown/orange/red boxers I made and everyone had quite a view. Thankfully this happened in 7th period so he didn't have to walk around the entire day with his behind sticking out. Although he really didn't seem to mind it one bit. ;-)


  1. I went to look at Laura's is so wonderful, and 'wonderful' is not enough a word to describe it. The entire outfit she wore!!!
    I don't think anyone else should sew that blouse after laura's....LOL...just joking.

  2. I'm so happy you liked my blouse! Your muslin (in the previous post) looked very nice to me and I'm sorry to hear you have some fit issues. But you seem so knowledgeable regarding fit, that I'm sure you already know how to fix them.
    I soooo envy your pattern drafting skills. I'm still a beginner and would like to be more advanced but there's not enough time for that :(


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