Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Progress

I really should be done by now. Like even yesterday. But I've been working like a snail. A snail who's been taking a lot of breaks. ;-) But the weather has been perfect all weekend so yesterday we spent a few hours at the dog park and today I've been in and out all day watching DH try to fix the riding mower and then bringing drinks as he resorted to the push mower while he waits for a part. Along with laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning bathrooms.

This fabric is a bear to photograph. I think I've adjusted it to a pretty close match to the real thing, although it's still looking a tad brighter in the photo than in real life. (You should've seen the neon orange of the original pic!) But what you can't really see are the mini clear sequins sewn into the embroidery at regular intervals. These presented no problem at all when cutting or sewing as they're soft and thin enough that a needle pierces them without a moment's hesistation.

At this point, I still have to sew the inside yoke facing down, sew the sideseams/underarms and bottom hem, run elastic in the sleeves, and do the buttons/holes. As soon as I'm finished typing here, I'm going back to the sewing room to finish it.

Yesterday, I made a couple more alterations before cutting the real fabric. First, I decided to go with a shaped CB seam and forego the waist darts. I'll take a pic of the altered pattern piece when I'm photographing the finished blouse.

I also went ahead and "altered" the yoke to make it more narrow in the shoulders. This was not rocket surgery! ;-) All I did was to substitute the size 16 pattern for the front piece, keeping the 18 length and my square shoulder adjustment. The size 16 is on top in the pic below.

The back yoke piece had all the sizes so all I had to do with it was trim it to the size 16 width along the bottom edge.

I had a big DUH! moment on that one. LOL!


  1. Pretty blouse, Debbie!! I look forward to be advanced enough to HAVE those "DUH" moments!!
    Looking forward to seeing your full review.
    Rhonda in Montreal

  2. Looking good so far. I like your fabric.

  3. You make clothes that look "fun". They're colorful, comfortable and just "fun". I like that!

  4. That fabric and blouse does not even look like the same pattern you were working on. You must be very very proud of the new shirt and even more of your custom fitted pattern. I feel like every trip to your site is a sewing workshop(something most of us don't have the luxury of attending)- you are doing a great public service for the group of women who need to be taught how to make some clothes that fit. Thanks for sharing your expertise. mssewcrazy

  5. Debbie, can you elaborate a little more on sewing the sequins? I want to do the same thing on a future top. Copying a Tory Burch top I saw, I was planning on stitching a straight line through the fabric and sewing through the sequins at regular intervals. Does that sound right? Thanks!


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