Monday, September 8, 2008


It's Monday and I'm tired already. As you can see since I'm showing a photo of the same tee, no sewing has been happening here. But I did at least finish this one, and here's how it looks on me.

I should've been quite productive at sewing over the weekend because my internet went down Friday night and stayed down until Sunday afternoon, meaning I couldn't do any paying work or email or anything. (Don't ask me how I feel about Verizon right now.) I kept thinking I should go up to the sewing room and do something, anything. But I didn't. And then Sunday was spent in front of the tube soaking up the gloriousness that is the start of the new NFL season. During the last game of the night, we all enjoyed slow-cooked Memphis dry rub ribs that DS#1 bought and prepared for everyone. Since he didn't home from work until 4 PM, the slow-cooking didn't start until about 5, which means we didn't eat until about 9 PM. But it was worth the wait, and he was so proud of himself for planning it all out and executing.

Oh, speaking of football … Friday night was DS#2's first real game of the season (last week's game was pre-season) and he made his debut as the starting Varsity center. They won! Woo hoo! It was a great night to be outside too, which is unusual for September around here. The humidity was way down, all the hurricanes traveling around gave us nice breezes, and I didn't notice even one mosquito. (I was finally wearing one of the new capris too!)

OK, where was I? Oh yes ... the lack of sewing mojo. Between football games, I was thinking about why I didn't want to sew and decided it's two-fold. First, since I'm working from home and not leaving the house too much during the week, I don't really *need* anything so there's nothing that *has* to be made. And second, my stash is boring me. Well, not really boring, just not inspiring me. But I don't really need to buy any more fabric right now, so that's not really the answer either. Besides, the usual fabric sources are boring me right now too. (See, it's not like I didn't try.)

Last night before dozing off, I decided to bypass the fabric stash and instead browse my pattern stash. A few recent purchases I had forgotten jumped out at me, so that's the direction I'm heading. Except for the time-being I'm only going to concentrate on muslins so I don't have to make any fabric decisions from the non-inspirational stash. If the muslins work, then hopefully my fabrics will call to me again. And if not, well, at least I'll have worked with patterns I've been wanting to try.

Up first will be the Sandra Betzina's latest jeans pattern (Vogue 1034). After that, I'm eying Butterick 5223.


  1. I'm curious (sp?) what kind of work are you doing. I wish I could work at home.

  2. Good to see you posting again. Love the top and the Butterrick you are planning...very nice. Good luck getting the mojo back. I've lost mine too and can't seem to make myself get back into the swing.....too tired I guess.
    Anyways, good luck

  3. That T shirt is so pretty! I am happy you're trying that new jeans pattern. I have it but haven't done it yet. Like you I have "motivational issues" :)

  4. The mojos must all be off partying somewhere. Love your new t-shirt - I even had a brief, vague glimmer of inspiration to make one... At least if you do muslins you'll be all ready when your mojo comes running back. ;)

  5. I love the shirt. It a great fabric and I really like the way that you modified the pattern.

  6. I've passed along a blog award to you. You can stop by my site to pick it up. :)

  7. I love your new t-shirt, both the design and the print.

  8. I have a question about some of your previous posts. I am having pants fitting issues similar to the ones you have experienced. I believe that you have Pattern Master software and I'm curious if you have tried to create a pants pattern from it based on your measurements? If so, how did that go?


  9. I love the top! I've been trying to get my mojo back for years now. Just when I think I found it, It seems to go off and hide again, but I'm still searching.

  10. Love the blouse! By the way, I'm glad to see that you received your gift certificate for Mary Ehrhardt. I was wondering about it. If I had checked my gmail account, I would have know this. Anyway, thanks for everything.

  11. See, you're still creative--you know to approach problems from a different angle. I think you can blame your loss of mojo on the barometric pressure. This is my new go-to scapegoat for when I'm feeling tired, headachy, bored, whatever: Must be the barometric pressure!

  12. Like everybody else it seems, I'm here to compliment you on that lovely top. Would it be OK if I try (sometime when I have both time and mojo) to reproduce that adorable neckline detail?


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