Monday, November 24, 2008

Test Pattern

Don't stare at it too long or your eyes will bug out. ;-)

Just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been adding to the stash. What am I working for after all? recently had a bunch of geometric knit prints and this one had DS#2's name all over it. I liked it even more in person. For him, that is.

So he got another make of Simplicity 4287. But this time, I overlapped the seamed front sections before cutting for 1-piece fronts. Easy to do since there's no bust shaping in those seams.

(Shame on Simplicity for taking this one out of the catalog. I really think they could've lost one of the myriad scoop-neck tunic clones instead and no one would've been the wiser.)

And the result … ignore the goofy smile. The print is moire-like, it almost moves on its own. Very cool to a 16-year old. He's worn it every week since I finished it. I think it's a hit. And I love using knits for this pattern. He looks a little nicer with a collared shirt but there's nothing added to the ironing pile after it goes through the laundry.



  1. Just now realized you were back. LOVE your jacket! And, that shirt for your son... just his style. I sure wish I could come up with that pattern.

    So glad to see you're back!

  2. Debbie - Glad to see you're still among us! I've missed you, too. I got a new computer and lost all my bookmarks, so just now read a few months of your blog.

    Take care, drop in and post when you can.
    Doris W. in TN

  3. It's pretty cool to this 46 year old as well! He looks happy! :)
    It's nice to have you back posting again!

  4. That is a fabulous shirt - no wonder your son has worn it every week since you finished it!

  5. Great shirt, I see why he likes it so much. I hope my sons still like my sewing when they are 16. Glad to see you posting again. :-)

  6. I wouldn't have thought sewing for males would be fun. You (and your son) certainly make it seem fun!

  7. Nice job with the color placement! Your son looks like he likes the shirt.

  8. That is a seriously cool shirt :) I agree, Simplicity could have dumped some of the boring tunics without anyone noticing.

  9. Great shirt! I love that fabric and can see why DS#2 wears it often. The colours suit him too.

  10. I have to agree this is a cool shirt.
    Great choice of fabric.

  11. seems to be out of this fabric. :( I would have never thought twice about this fabric until I seen what you did with it. I think my DH would love a shirt from this fabric.

  12. I'm going to check the drawers at JoAnn's the next time I'm there. Maybe I'll get lucky and this pattern will still be in the drawer.


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