Saturday, March 7, 2009

Better Today

It's done. It won't be a favorite, but I like it well enough to wear it. Taking it in at the center front helped a lot. It's still a bit wide in the shoulders but a few trips through the laundry might do the trick as the knit is rayon and may still shrink more.

You can't really see the princess seams in the photo but they do show more in person, although still not as defined as my first version of this top.

I decided to use some of my sparklie stash to liven it up. The photos just do not do any justice to the embellishment though. I used 4 colors of crystals — aquamarine, yellow, red, and orange — which match the colors in the fabric. I applied them in a sunburst/vee pattern.

The blurry shot seems to show the most sparkle, but it's still not it. Squint and imagine they are catching the light and sparkling. ;-)

I spent the afternoon straightening up my sewing room. I had muslins, new patterns and pattern tissue strewn all about and I *hate* the disorder. So, I labeled the muslins and hung them up behind the door (because I'm not done with them yet), recorded the new patterns on my master list, filed the envelopes in my binders, and filed the actual patterns in the pattern cabinet. And, I folded up and put all the "old" pattern tissue away. I still need to vacuum the machines and floor, but tomorrow is another day.

I was hoping during all my time organizing that something would jump out at me to make next, but I'm blocked. I want to sew, I just don't know what TO sew. Hopefully inspiration will strike soon.

Edited to Add Tee on Me:


  1. Love the top, and the embellishments!
    You imagine to find the most amazing fabrics and create absolutely stunning outfits! Totally hot shirt!

  2. Wow the shirt has suddenly gone from good to very high end ! I hate to think of what the price tag would be at Cold Water Creek or someplace like that not to mention the custom fit that would be lacking in the rtw. If you think something is a bit off in the fit just take your checkbook and head to the mall, you'll feel so much better about the top. mssewcrazy

  3. Debbie...the crystals are just the right touch to take this top to the "next level".

    LOL...are you ignoring me...or will you eventually pick up the award I have for you on my site...? {{--SMILE--}}

    Pam ~Off The Cuff~

  4. I think those colors will be great on you. And the bling - I never think to use those; I think I'll write myself a reminder for the sewing bulletin board to use some on my next Tee.

  5. It looks great. I love the print and the colors in it and I love what you did with the sparklie's :)

  6. Love it love it love it! Looks like it came straight from the Chico's flier that tempts me!

  7. Cute! I need to make more use of my hot fix crystal wand.

  8. Nice top! I also love the picture of you, where you put yourself in front of a wild background!

  9. Hey nice tee! It looks good on you too. Glad you found a use for the organza elastic. It was funny because when I first saw it I thought, "Hey I've got that but in other colours". Then I read that it was the stuff I had sent to you. Well no wonder it's familar. :)

  10. Hi Debbie.....know you are busy...but please, pretty pretty please drop by my blog to pick up your "Sisterhood Award"

    ...gosh we've know each other from way back (9-10 years ?)...from the old PMB email-list days!

    ...have always been amazed by your skills, and wonderful tutorials.

    Anyway...the award is there...waiting for you :)

    Pam ~Off The Cuff~

  11. Wow! That's a cute top with cool embellishments.

  12. Hi Debbie...hope everything is OK...I'm a little worried...

    Still haven't heard from your regarding the "Sisterhood Award" that I gave to you.

    It's been quite a while, so here's the direct link to the post where I linked your blog and gave you the award--


    Again...hope all is well...


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