Saturday, March 28, 2009

Productive So Far

I ran out of steam last night so the PJ pants didn't get sewn until this morning, but they're done.

The new CJ top has been cut and is in progress. I expect to have that finished tonight since it goes together fast. I decided to bind the neckline edge for this one, both to raise the neckline a little and for some contrast.

If I still have energy tonight, I'll be pulling out the big fabric scraps to see what I have for the panty making spree. I'll start with a cutting frenzy tomorrow, knowing I probably won't sew them all up at once. But at least they'll be ready to go. Hmmm ... I wonder if I have any pre-cut and waiting from the last round. That would be nice.

Off to feed the boys and then back to the sewing room.

Oh, and thank you all for the birthday wishes.


  1. Very pretty. Christine Jonson says the shirred waist top is very flattering also. I bought the pattern and am going to try both versions.

  2. What a cutie! It's a pity that 'nobody' :-) sees it, 'cause the top is most definitely wearable for all to see (as are the bottoms). :-)

  3. What a pretty pajama set! The colours are just beautiful.

  4. Nice Pjs, the colors are delicious!

  5. I wish you a belated Happy Birthday Debbie!! Your birthday isn't too far from mine. I turned 51 on the 7th of March. I loved your top and ordered the pattern earlier this week and it arrived yesterday but haven't had a chance to take a look at it and plan for the fabric I'll use....bought me a new car yesterday and it has ALL the bells and whistles and I think it is going to take me weeks to learn everything! Like getting a new sewing machine!!

  6. Those look so nice I would stay in them all day. Maybe since I am slow as dirt at sewing I should just make cute jammies for warm weather and stay in them. mssewcrazy


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