Monday, September 21, 2009

Alexander The Great

Tuesday's Theme is "Time Traveler," to dress either as past or future. We chose past. Yes, "we," since apparently I'm now the official costumer and as such I get to have a say as to the difficulty level and time commitment. LOL!

Presenting … Alexander the Great (in a not-so-great pic!)

For those that have been following my sewing for a few years, you might also recognize …

Alexander the Gladiator from about 8 years ago, in honor of the Russell Crowe movie that my sons could quote verbatim back then, and often did.

Time goes by in the blink of an eye. Where DID that little boy go? ;-)

* * * * *

For tomorrow's version, I started with two cheap red RTW tees. I cut the torso off one and sewed it onto the bottom of the other to make a long knit"tunic" onto which I then zigzagged some gold stash trim around the bottom and sleeves.

The gladiator costume was originally made from a man's size pattern. Whew! But I probably used a size small back then and it was not about to go around DS' chest anymore. Luckily, the side "seams" were only Velcroed together. So I dug out some black Velcro and covered the hook side so it wouldn't poke DS and then made some straps out of scraps of the exact black pleather I used for the original costume. (Yes, I still had some. LOL!) These straps connect front to back horizontally under the arms. You can sort of see one on the left side of the very first pic above. I know the description of the straps is probably hard to picture. Trust me, it works great, DS can get in/out of it easily (important for football practice after school), and it won't be hard to un-do if we ever need to. We're pretty happy with how fast this went together and how good the costume still looks.

I swear I'm not usually a pack rat, but some things you just know there's a good chance you'll use again. This is turning into a recycle week - old fabrics, old costumes, old tuxedos.

DS#1 had a funny idea for the Time Traveler costume - he said to choose past, as in "yesterday" and wear the Capt Underpants costume again. Tempting! ;-)


  1. Your son must have a great personality to carry off those great costumes!!!! Spirit week looks like lots of fun!!!

  2. That is so cool that you can help with the costumes and re-use older ones! Your son is very lucky. What fun! :)

    Rose in SV

  3. I actually laughed outloud at the "official costumer" comment.
    I agree with Elaray that your son must be one of those kids that keeps everyone entertained. How fortunate you could make that costume work!
    My youngest is 13, and I don't know how that happened either. :-(

  4. Great re-use. I might just have to borrow this idea for Halloween. Love the red hair; of course, you know that I have half a dozen red haired sons!

  5. LOL - Captin Underpants. Cool. Of course, I took one look at your deck and just knew you were in Florida. LOL!


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