Saturday, January 9, 2010


No, this hasn't turned into a quilting blog. It's just that I'm not in the mood to sew clothes for me. But I don't want to finish up the last scrub top for my sister either. Part of my lost garment mojo is still not having my machine. Part is a need to clear out Stuff Taking Up Space. Yes, I'm aware of the irony of that statement vs. the lone scrub top.

The good news is that my machine should be done early next week and I think it's going to cost a LOT less than I was anticipating. Fingers still crossed on that one because there was also a bit of a misunderstanding as to what they were supposed to look at. How, I don't know, since I had a big list stapled to the work ticket. But I digress … Right now I've been told it has working Reverse and Fix buttons again and supposedly the light problem is fixed, and the price quoted so far is $140. But I'm unclear whether the bobbin winder was even looked at and the saleslady at the store didn't know either, since service is done off-site. I hate that about this dealer, but I have no other good choice. However, if the total bill is going to be under $300 when I was expecting at least double that, I guess I can live with it.

Anyway, back to the photo above. These are quilt blocks I've had kicking around the sewing space for years. I didn't make them. They were part of an Ebay lot of other things and I couldn't just toss them. They are completely not my colors or style. But there's still something about them that I like and the workmanship is excellent.

So, off to Joann's today to buy fabric for borders between the blocks, fabric for sashing, and fabric for the backing and binding. It was so crazy in there that I totally forgot about batting so I'll have to go back for that.

I was also a little crazed myself by the time I got to Joann's since my car battery died and with the men all gone this weekend, I had to deal with it myself. Not that I can't, I just prefer not to. After a couple of tries in the driveway with only clicks, it did let me finally start the car so that I could take it up to the place that sells and installs batteries. Whew! There are 4 other cars here but (1) who knows if they would've started either and (b) they are Guy Cars. 'Nuf said.

And why did the battery die? Because it's FREAKIN' FREEZING here and cold kills batteries. I'm not kidding about the freezing - it was in the 20s overnight and never even reached 36 today. Oh, and guess what I saw last night during the dogs' last piddle of the night? Snow. Yes. S.N.O.W. In Valrico, Florida. WTF. No, it didn't stick, but it was sure coming down from the sky at midnight. And today while driving around, the "rain" was bouncing off my windshield. I'm a northern girl by birth. I know sleet when I see it.

I know many of you have to deal with terrible cold all winter, but you pretty much expect it where you live, right? I live in West Central FLORIDA. I think I'm allowed to whine when it's like this for days on end. I'll be whining again next month when my electric bill hits the mailbox. Whoever's idea this is for a joke? Well, it's just not funny anymore. ;-)

Off to pull the new fabrics from the dryer and start cutting strips while watching the Cowboys beat the Eagles. I'll see how far I get tonight and tomorrow before I decide to go racing back to crazy Joann's for batting. I'm hoping the fabrics I picked will make the whole quilt more Me. But what I'd really like is a quilt that I won't cringe over if we kick it around the TV room and snuggle up in it. That's all I'm hoping to get out of this.

(And yes, Donna H - I know I still have the Stars & Stripes to work on, but I need my D1 for the applique blocks, plus working on making a top/quilt out of the blocks above will help me ease into wanting to work on those applique blocks. Shoot me if I ever pick something with multiple applique blocks again.)


  1. You got a bit colder than we did over in Deltona (East Central Florida), but not by much.

    I got up to go to the My Label class for pull on pants at my Bernina dealership this morning with "ice pellets" bouncing off my windshield. I'm from Erie, Pa and like you, I KNOW sleet when I see it. "Ice Pellets", my fat eyeball!

    Central Florida has turned into a deep freeze!

    The good news is that going out in the bad weather was worth it. I finally got my pull on pants qualified and I can use the My Label software now for my garment patterns. Custom fit!

    Stay warm! Tonight is going to be the bad a** night!

    Mel in Deltona

  2. I feel you! I don't even have a winter coat anymore!

  3. Strange weather for you. I know I'd feel the same way if the weather behaved like that at my house. I'm sure you'll be snuggling up in that quilt in no time.

  4. It is 8 below zero in MI this morning. Frozen Tundra! So, since there's snow in Florida, maybe there' something to this "global warming"?

    I know you'll be glad to get your baby back in working condition. Meanwhile, have fun working on that quilt while daydreaming your next "for me" garment.

  5. Snow? You saw snow? Dern it. I didn't see any but then again, I'm really limiting my time outside this weekend. These were the temps in IL when I went to get mom. I am so not in the mood for this cold. Although I'm still laughing at your comment about winter when I said it was three days and you reminded me that would be 3 weeks. Hah! Looks like we actually have winter this winter. Good thing my Coldwater Creek cords arrived a few days earlier than expected. And it looks like it's going to be stupid cold this week too! Have you gone outside today? I let the dogs out and brrrr! Feels just like Illinois. I'm not even thrilled about trudging over to Nativity tonight b/c it's always so cold inside. Sigh. I did want to see snow though so I could say "yep, in 20 ought 10 it snowed in Brandon."

  6. You have a right to complain. When you move to warmer climates, you shouldn't have to deal with freezing temps. This is my second winter in Memphis and even my husband from WY is complaining about the freezing temp. We've had temps between 0 and 10F for days now. We even passed up FREE tickets to the Liberty Bowl because neither of us wanted to sit outside for 4+ hours.

  7. Hope your machine makes it home soon. I'm going to take mine in tomorrow because the presser foot doesn't want to stay in the "up" position. Luckily I have a couple of other machines I can use until the main one is back. Wish me luck.

  8. I think I can whine with you. We had snow Saturday morning, but I slept through it (Daytona Beach).

    I thought the cold had killed my sewing mojo until a friend came over yesterday morning and we traced a blouse pattern. Heck, I might even survive this early winter.

  9. There is never any logic to the sewing muse. She's a flitty thing. You have totally lucked out with the SM repair bill. Snow! Sleet! WC Fl! Amazing. Hope you can tame your electric bill by bundling up with an unsewn length of polarfleece. They are dead useful for that :) One has even permanently converted to a full-length blanket. (Easiest stash reduction ever!) Word verificaiton: 'chepo' LOL

  10. Thanks for mentioning "the Boys"--they did so well--it was just like a continuation of last's week's game. I love Brett F, but I just can't have him beating the Cowboys next week. ;-> Oh, and we are just now thawing out from the 3 nights in the teens.

  11. I am happy that your nice machine is recovering at the spa and hopefully the price is for the all of its recovery.
    Our temps are really cold for our area as well. On our north facing door I resorted to more temporary weatherstripping and masking tape as it feels like we have moved to the north pole all of a sudden. We are using a different door until the ice melts and the weather is more normal. I now realize I need a new storm door that is tighter and to redo the regular door insulation surround but it is too cold to bother with all that right now.
    I spent last night setting up a temporary sewing area in a cold spare bedroom -crowded but at least I won't have to take it down when the children visit like I do reapeatedly in my formal living room. The machines have all been packed away since before Thanksgiving. I don't have them all out but at least I can work on some needed alterations. I really love all your projects - the scrubs/runner set is awesome. mssewcrazy

  12. This cold spell has been ridiculous!!!
    Your quilt squares look great.

  13. I'm not going to see the end of the snow until April, but at least I live where it's to be expected. I'm sure you were thrilled with the Cowboys game, as was my little guy. Hope you enjoy finishing this quilt.

  14. Cold kills car batteries as badly as heat does. Here in Cactusville, where it's not uncommon for it to be 115 during the summer, and companies only provide covered parking for the higher ups in the food chain we rent batteries.

    By that I mean the one with the 5 year guarantee will last, if you're lucky, 2 years. Usually 18 months.

    Here's hoping you get your D1 back in zip-bang working order real soon!

  15. Debbie. I've been away forever. Sorry. Your quilt looks great and so does your Fons and Porter project. Get that thing quilted and you'll be set!!

    Take care!!!


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