Sunday, February 28, 2010

Officially Sick

I'm officially sick of the Stars & Stripes quilt projects again. Here's where I left off yesterday. The wallhanging borders are sewn on, and I've spray- and pin-basted it into the "sandwich" ready to be quilted. I've rolled it up and set it aside and that's where it's going to stay for another 7 years a while.

Life stuff and the Olympics took most of my free time and attention this weekend but I did manage to eek out and almost finish an actual garment sewing project tonight. Yes, you read that correctly - garment sewing!

This is McCall's 5713, a "Quick & Easy" cardigan, and it really is both Quick and Easy.

I made no alterations to the pattern because flat measurements told me it has a lot of ease and I was lazy. Mostly, I was lazy.

I wanted something quick (and easy) that I could finish fast to just throw on around the house and yard while we have our last week or two of winter (below 60s in Fla-speak). I'm so tired of my one sweatshirt and few long-sleeved tops. We never have this much winter during winter. I do not have the clothes for endless weeks of cold.

The photo is horrible and does not show the sweater knit as it looks in real life. It looks shiny in this pic and it's not at all. It's a very soft, matte olive-y green with a pretty vertical stripe knitted in. I turned the stripe sideways for the top yokes, front and back. I started from uncut tissue and (nearly) finished in a couple of hours tonight.

It's quite long in both the overall length and sleeves and I'll be cutting the extra off. I quit tonight before hemming, but I'll do that tomorrow and have already threaded the coverstitch machine with green so it should only take 20 minutes or so to finish it.


  1. Yay, nice to see you sewing an actual garment! I now know who stole my sewing mojo. :)

  2. Your quilt top is very pretty. One day, you'll get in the mood to quilt it. Nice cardi also. It's probably perfect for your climate.

  3. Your cardigan and the quilt a both beautiful. I know about being sick of a project. Been there, done that.

  4. Your cardi is so pretty - I haven't really liked that pattern ~ until I saw yours! I will have to give it a double take now.

    Living just a bit north of you - this has really been an actual winter for the first time in many years. I was just thinking the same thing this morning - I keep wearing the same things over and over - when some years I barely got to wear them once!


  5. Beautiful color, it will be just the thing to get you through the last weeks of cold.

  6. Your quilt top is lovely and you are soooo funny. And you're not alone with the quilt UFO's. I have one I started when my daughter was in her Barbie phase - she's now 23!!!! I've gotten as far as labeling a container UFO's and putting the projects (quilts, placemats) in there.

  7. Great cardi. Spring is coming, and the quilt can wait for another 7 years - oops, I mean, a while.

  8. I am trying to get back into garment sewing so I appreciate when you post the site where you find fabrics. Love the dress and I think it would make a great nightie too.


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