Sunday, March 7, 2010

PSPS Update

(No pics cuz the camera is still up in the sewing room, but I am taking them as I go.)

The PSPS (Plain & Simple Princess Shirt) muslin is cut, sewn and tried on. I cut a straight size 20 per my measurements (with a blend outward for hips) and made no adjustments in order to see what my starting point would be. And, it's quite promising. I need more bust room, but not much, so I can just adjust the princess seams without a full-on FBA. I also need more hip room (sigh, too many months sitting on my butt working on the computer). Again, more adjustments to the seams. Easy fixes.

The horizontals seem to be fine though. Waist and bust levels are in the right places. The armhole size/height seems to be good, but I haven't sewn in the sleeves yet. That's next. And then I need to assess the shoulder slope, since mine are square and I didn't adjust for that pre-muslin.

Onward and upward back to the sewing room. I plan to sew all afternoon and then into the evening as I watch the Academy Awards. If I don't allow myself to get too distracted, I may end up with a new top to wear tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Looks like we're ordering pizza tonight. And I wonder why my butt is so big?? ;-)


  1. Fun! This is a great pattern. I can't wait to see it all made up!

  2. The blow by blow is definitely welcome.


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