Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anticipation …

Remember this beauty? Yeah, me too. It was supposed to be here on July 2. Doing the math, that's almost two weeks ago. The seller quickly shipped via UPS and provided me with the tracking number. I watched the tracking info update every day for four days. Finally, it was in Jacksonville (4 hours to the north) and it remained with the July 2 delivery date. But on the morning of July 2 there was no receipt in Tampa notation in the tracking, which still showed it as in Jax. I kept checking the tracking every couple of hours, but no change. And then the calendar flipped over to July 3 and nothing. Still a July 2 delivery date. Sob! I knew something had gone horribly wrong and I was sending out death ray eyeball stares to whichever UPS worker decided they wanted MY machine. OK, just kidding on that last part. Sorta.

Then we had the holiday weekend which meant the earliest the seller could file a report with UPS was on Tuesday, July 6. The tracking was then updated to show a tracer request on that date. And there it has sat. And sat. And SAT. The seller kept me updated with the non-news from UPS, so I wasn't faulting her at all. Frankly, I thought she had actually gone above and beyond for a $25 sale but I was glad she was being so proactive. I want this machine!

I tried not to give up hope, but each day passing made that harder.

This morning, I received a call from UPS. They asked me some address questions, but didn't really tell me anything. I decided that they were only just now *starting* the investigation. And I think I was right, because a couple of hours later the seller emailed me that the machine had been FOUND! She said that UPS will repack it and send it back on its way and that it should be here within 5 days.

So the waiting continues. Cross your fingers for me.


  1. UPS has to REPACK it?! Yikes! I've had some *very* bad experiences shipping with UPS - when something is important, I only use FedEx!

  2. Repack...I hope the machine is ok! Maybe someone was just sewing up the seams in their little brown uniforms!

  3. Ugh, the anticipation... glad to hear it was a UPS blip and not a problem with the seller.

  4. What a nail biter. Hope it arrives safely. Soon.

  5. Oh Debbie, I promise I did not waylay your machine in Jacksonville (even if I really covet it) Geesh, I probably could have just gone over and picked it up for you and then I would have had a reason to travel down your way and hit the casino in Tampa all in one trip!

  6. We will all be interested in what "repack" means!!! Maybe they delivered it to someone, the label came off, the mind reels...we definitely want to hear about this one.


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