Friday, July 16, 2010

She's Heeeeeeeeeeeere!

UPS overnighted (yes, I just verbed an adjective — and now a noun too!) the machine to me so it was here at 10:15 this morning. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the original box or the packaging, so I have no idea what happened to it or what UPS meant by "repacking" it. I'm guessing they meant putting a new label on it for overnight service. I'm not going to dwell on it since it there was a happy ending.

The machine was dirty, but I knew that. It cleaned up great and has hardly any scratches at all. Just minimal normal wear & tear. It was missing its foot pedal (also expected), but the pedal for my 6010 works just fine and, frankly, it's nice NOT to have an extra pedal shuffling around. Looks like tonight I'll be playing around with all the stitches to see if everything is good. For now, it's been generously oiled and is soaking for a bit.

The case looks cleaner in this photo than it actually is, and the latches don't work too well anymore, but what do you want for $26? And am I really planning on lugging this 30+ pound hunk of metal somewhere? I doubt it. With my sewing room makeover in process, the case will probably end up in the attic anyway.

Also in the package was a Great Falls, Montana repair tag from 1987 attached to an old needleplate, with this note:

"Needle plate. Adjusted mach & reset needle position. Removed considerable lint. Reset tensions."

For the grand sum of $38. Don't you just love that "considerable lint" comment?

Lastly, with the instruction book for the machine were four additional booklets from 1924 from Iowa State College: Meal Planning, Design in Dress, Under Garments, and On the History of Art Needlework. They each have someone related to the original owner's name (per the repair tag) handwritten in the upper right corner. Thank you Anna and Dorothy E. Buchholz. (I'm guessing Dorothy is Anna's mother, but I have no idea!) These ought to be interesting bedtime reading!

* * * * *

Speaking of the sewing room makeover …I think I've settled on a way to be a cheapskate using my bin cover pattern. I will line them with old sheets or muslin and add a sewn-on "cuff" for the contrast. It's a couple more steps, but oh-so-much cheaper. If I was only making 1 or 2, I wouldn't be so thrifty, but I think I want at least 12 and that much cute fabric adds up quickly. If I wanted this to be a $200 project, I would just buy pre-made bins. ;-)

So a trip to Joann's with a coupon or two is on the weekend agenda, I think. Hopefully, I can find something that's both suitable and cheap because I won't be able to move forward with any other sewing projects until this is done. Thank you OCD.


  1. Breathing a sigh of relief here. We do get emotionally involved with stuff when it involves sewing...don't we?

    OCD-LOL Is that what makes us "dwell" on things, so that no progress is made on *anything* else until...well, you obviously know what I mean. I thought it was perfectionism, but just a cousin...:-)

  2. Wow, it looks gorgeous. No shipping mishaps. Ok, where are you putting all these new machines girl? There was a great sewing counter shown on PR with cutouts for each of her machines so that they could sit flush but come up for free arm sewing. My dream counter. I am planning on making mine longer and hers is gorgeous. If you are interested email me and I'll send you the link to her photos.

  3. She's gorgeous! Have fun with her!

  4. Can I send you some cute fabric from my stash? What do you have in mind? Say the word and it's in the mail. I'll even spring for shipping!

    I went to JoAnn the other day and walked out with NOTHING. I had just gone through my fabric stash bins, and I'm feeling the need to cull. Seriously--if you have something in mind (color, theme, etc.) I'm happy to look through said bins for something that will work for you. Anything to get some of it out of here!

    Saralyn--cross-country fabric provider :-)

  5. How exciting to get a new machine! It's looks wonderful! Your sewing room makeover is inspiring me...this year I definitely want to get my "den" organized!

  6. Glad to hear it finally arrived!

  7. I know you were very happy when your machine finally arrived. Have fun with it!

  8. What a beauty! Have fun!!!

  9. NancyK - Yes, I saw MaryG's new set-up. Nice! I'm not going to have all these machines on my sewing table at once. I will move them in/out as needed.

  10. Oooh, she's purdy!

    Glad she arrived in tip top shape.
    If you should find that you need some very expert advice on your new machine, I'll bet I could direct you to an Expert On All Things In The World who could assist you.

  11. So glad you got it! I really was afraid they'd broken it. When my Singer was in for a tune up last summer, I bought an old Janome for $26. It's a wonderful thing, ebay!

  12. "Considerable lint" love it!

  13. I'm glad that "she" finally made it! I once received a sewing machine back from a check-up with all of the lint taped to the machine. Ms. Lynette told me I needed to be a lot nicer to my machine and clean her more often.

  14. Oh, a booklet on Under Garments! Lucky you! Please tell us any interesting tidbits.

  15. ow very nice a swedish machine. I use the husqy's all the time. i have some which double my age easily...

    Good luck with the Husqy

    regards, Sander


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