Sunday, July 25, 2010

When You Give a Mouse a Cookie …

… she ends up rearranging her entire fabric closet.

I thought I would be sewing today. My sons left this morning for MetroCon with their bubblewrap suits (photos and an interesting tidbit coming later), DH went off to work, and I had the whole day alone.

I went up to the sewing room fully intending to start on a new Hot Patterns top which arrived in the mail last week. But then I looked around at the room, which is still in makeover mode, saw the overflow bins in front of the stash closet, and decided I'd first take a few minutes to organize a little better so I could get that fabric out of the bins and into the closet. You know what's coming next, right?

Mission accomplished, but not without spending the ENTIRE day and evening going through every piece of fabric in the closet. Well, it was on my To-Do list for eventually so at least it's done. And I did manage to cart out 4 bags of stuff I never should have been saving, plus I added a number of pieces to the use-for-muslins stack.

Tomorrow I *will* sew, especially since seeing lots of fabric I'd forgotten about sparked the mojo Big Time. And if I buy any more fabric any time soon, shoot me.


  1. I did the same thing recently and it definitely motivated me to sew a bunch of stuff I had all but forgotten about! Good luck with today's sewing plans!

  2. Oh I do that too! But I love finding all that 'new' fabric! ha!

  3. I need to go find some "new" fabric in my stash, too....I really need some ideas!!

  4. My organization heroe continues! I'm still working on my patterns. I believe that I need a firing squad to keep me away from purchasing more fabric and patterns. I look forward to seeing the bubble suits. Happy sewing!!

  5. I say that every time I leave the house. Some day "someone" will take me up on it!!!........Lydia

  6. We are doing some renovation around the house which has included painting the interior and replacing all the flooring. So all of my fabric has been ferreted out of its hiding places and packed away in boxes in the basement - where did it all come from!! I've cleared out a bit in the packing, but ran out of time and ended up just packing a lot of it. I plan to do some further culling as I unpack and re-stash.

    Lois K

  7. Yeah we all say that...and just like the crack addict we are back on internet fabric sites buying just one more hit...y'know!


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