Monday, October 11, 2010

Burda Plus Magazine 02-2008 #404, and more

I'm feeling productive this morning as I actually did everything I had planned for the sewing room this weekend. That doesn't happen too often.

First, I finished up the fiddly tasks, which included hemming the sleeves of the Vogue cardigan, adding hem facings to my brown pants to finally finish the edges, and adding back pockets to the green pants that match the Vogue cardigan.

Next up, I cut out and sewed this top:

The pattern is from the February 2008 issue of Burda Plus magazine, design #404. I've made this top two times before so it's a TNT, but this is my first one with long sleeves. The first time I made this, the final pattern was morphed between the Burda pattern and my TNT Ottobre 02/2007 tees. Ottobre fits me better in the armhole and has better knit sleeves drafts. Burda's sleevecaps for knits are always way too high.

You can't see much detail in my photo, but the neckline is shirred with elastic thread. The line drawing below shows that better.

Finally, last night I cut another Jalie 2806 (the scoopneck waterfall top), with sleeves borrowed from another Ottobre top. The fabric for this is a print which will go with my brown and green pants, plus a pair of RTW black velour pants I've decided I'm taking on the trip. I hope to work on this top in bits and pieces during the week.


  1. Burda does have strange high caps for knits and I always fold them out a bit. It looks great and I love the green trim.

  2. The top looks great. I love the fabric. It sounds like your travel wardrobe is coming together quickly!

  3. Great top! I really like the contrasting binding and the fabric is lovely.

  4. I love that fabric. It's really pretty.

  5. The top looks very pretty. It is those simple tops in great prints that just get worn and worn. What a great wardrobe addition.

  6. Oh, that fabric is just beautiful! Where do you live? I comin' to steal your stash! LOL!

  7. That looks really nice. Pretty fabric.

  8. Great top! I love the shirring. The green trim is a great touch, also.

  9. Very pretty top, and the fabric and trim are both gorgeous.

  10. That's a terrific top. Love the colors. They look kind of "fall-ish", even for Florida. Very nice.

  11. Hi Debbie! I just found your blog. Totally Awesome! I was doing some research on zipper fly's and there are at least 5 or 6 on the web. I think your version is a must try for me to see if it will give me the results I want.

    Oh...but the top! I made this same top earlier this year and it's my favorite! I made the long sleeve version...see here for me in it.

    I did not blog about it though. I read your review too on PR. Really nice review, I agree with the sleeve cap but I made mine exactly as traced and it fit me just fine. I'm plus size but I think my proportions work.

    Thank you so much for all your work on your blog and those reviews! It is fantastic!


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