Tuesday, October 26, 2010

McCall's 5981 - Finished

It's done, and I like it better now with some sleeves although I'm still hating the mismatch across the front. Sigh. Hopefully, I can wear it open most of the time until I get over it.

I also like it better with the edge of the collar gathered up a little so it's not hanging over the shoulders. Note to self: Buy real cording, the fleece scrap as cord ain't cutting it. ;-) With the collar gathered like this, it's not quite so linebacker-y. I like the similar oversized collar on the Vogue cardigan, but in fleece like this jacket, a big collar is also a very thick collar.

(Once again, the colors are all wrong. The fleece is black just like the pants, but in the photo it's quite washed out looking, which makes the print pop more than it does in real life. Ah well. Please use your imagination.)

If it happens to get really cold, I can also rearrange the collar like this:

Fleece sticks to itself so the collar will stay like this without any fasteners, but maybe I will think about some sort of a more secure button & elastic loop at a later time. I do wish the neckline was higher without the collar arranged upward. If I were to make this again, I would definitely raise it. It's pretty to look at as drafted, but quite impractical if you need to stay warm and don't have a scarf handy.

Oh, the other stupid part of this pattern? The collar is a big rectangle, but you're told to cut it as two pieces and seam it at what will be center back. Pffft. I cut mine on the fold and eliminated a step and a bulky seam that would only get in the way when attaching collar to neckline.

I'm not sure what's up next. I may start the red floral denim jacket or I may start on a new nightgown. Probably the jacket, since it will take longer and I can always bring "old" PJs if I run out of time.

Actually, what should be up next is a bit of vacuuming in the sewing room. The floor is barely visible through the thread snips and fabric scraps. ;-)


  1. Mismatch? I guess I'm not as pickey as you. The top looks so much like Fall. It looks nice and comfy. I realy like the view with the collar up.

  2. Very nice! Looks super cozy! I really like the collar.

  3. I like it! I'm with Rose, I must not be as picky with my fabric matching, because I don't see anything wrong with it at all. Oh, and I also love the collar all bunched and wrapped up in the second pic. Looks really cute and cozy!

  4. "It's pretty to look at as drafted, but quite impractical if you need to stay warm" I've bought several patterns that after looking closely, I can see the same problem. Being in South Dakota, warmth is an issue. If a coat won't keep me warm, I'm not making it.

    I don't think the mismatch is that bad. If it really bothers you, consider stitching a flat, plain colored strip or ribbon on either side of the zipper

  5. No one is going to notice that slight mismatch. Remember you will be in motion as you wear it and these things that bug we home-sewers don't even show on a moving body. I think the jacket looks cozy and a real workhorse in cold weather. Good job!

  6. Nice cozy jacket! As for the mismatch, what mismatch? Ok,now that you mention I do see what you mean, but before I read this I was going to compliment you on how well you had matched the front. I thought it matched perfectly! So keep those lips shut and don't mention it again because even us sew-ers don't see it. :)

  7. I found the gap between the patterns interesting. I'm thinking "Wow, what a match!" not "Gee, why didn't Debbie account for the width of that zipper."

    It's wonderful! Love it the way we do!!! We all *wish* we had a nice fleece jacket like that.

    As for vacuuming, only waste sewing time on that if you sew barefoot.

  8. Debbie I agree with you...your ensemble looks like crap...so much so that if you ship it to me I'll wear it and kick the crap out of anybody that says I ain't the sh*@. LOL. I think your outfit looks just perfect. Why are we sewers our own worst critics???

  9. Debbie - what a wonderful way to make a fleece jacket look stylish and kewl. I'm loving all that you made for your vacay!

  10. Huh? I stared at your top for several minutes trying to see the mismatch and was never sure I saw it. Now, it can't be too bad when someone as snarky as me can't see it. Wear it and be proud!

  11. What a great jacket. I like the pattern. Perfect for Fall.


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