Friday, October 1, 2010


OK, so the mostly-finished jeans are out due to a fabric deficiency. I haven't tried any washing additives, but I might, so I haven't tossed them yet. But this wrench in my plans got me to re-evaluate what I already have and think about a new direction.

I still want jeans, but I'm not desperate so I'll put those on the back burner for the moment. I always have the Turkey Pants if needed and it will be Thanksgiving after all. ;-)

I've decided these green doubleknit HP Marrakesh pants are definitely going on the trip. They fit well, look nice, and are comfortable. The ginger colored Riviera jacket you can see peeking at the edges might be going on the trip too. Depends on what I actually get made from my new plan and what goes with what when I'm done.

I still have enough of the green doubleknit left to make a simple jacket or vest, so I'm going to do that. These pants will also go with the red floral print I've picked for the denim jacket (which is still on my list, just a little further down at the moment).

My main goal right now is to be able to look nicer than jeans and a tee shirt but still pack sensibly and, as much as possible, to avoid garments that need ironing. We'll be packed pretty tight in the car once we get my son's gear loaded in. So, I'm going to try to stick to mostly knits, without looking like I'm wearing sweat pants. ;-) I'll probably plan on repeat outfits since we'll have access to my mom's laundry room and that will allow me to pack/make less.

I also have these brown doubleknit pants made from one of my TNT pants patterns. They're cool weather favorites so I think they'll be going too, but I need to add some length to them because right now, they aren't hemmed and are just raw-edged. That's OK for around home, but not for a trip. I still have some of this fabric too, so I'll probably just face the hems or add a band. I should have done this already, but was just too complacent.

The jacket is good to go, but I think I'd rather have something a little nicer/newer (this jacket saw a LOT of wear last year — I'm tired of it) and so I may also make a jacket or cardigan out of the leftovers.

What I do need is some long-sleeved tops. It shouldn't be that cold in SC at the end of November, but it will definitely be long-sleeve weather for me and I don't have many in the closet. I'll pull out TNT patterns and knit prints for those tops.

Easy jacket patterns I'm thinking about, which hopefully will not require much in the way of alterations:

Vogue 8546

McCall's 5981


  1. I've been meaning to make that Vogue jacket myself. You need to make it so I can see how it looks first. LOL!

  2. When I go places, I try to take just one or two skirts, depending upon the length of the trip, and tops and jackets to make it look different. I feel like basic black is basic black, and no one will notice slight variations in design. Good for you, planning ahead!

  3. Really loving McCalls would look lovely in Lime.

  4. I really like the vogue pattern. I think that would look lovely, and be very versatile!

  5. About the denim -- have you ever tried those color catchers? I find they work miracles. It might help...

  6. I'm loving the McCall jacket. It can be "dressey-casual". And in fact, it just went on my to-get list!

  7. I like them both but I'd wear the McCall's style more so I vote for the McCall's :) you would look good in either one.

  8. I like your new direction. It sounds like you are doing some good planning. I like both of the jackets!

  9. I have the Vogue pattern. It is great, but runs very large.


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