Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just One Star

On Monday, I came across this "Just One Star" post on Rachel Griffith's P.S. I Quilt blog. I *immediately* recognized the ring in the photo because my Marine son has one just like it, from Parris Island for boot camp graduation. So, of course, I read on — and learned about the Moda challenge in connection with the Semper Fi Fund. I decided then and there that today, March 16th, my Marine son's 22nd birthday and his first that we're apart (sob!), I would spend some time in his honor making a block (or two) to send in for the project. I'm happy to say that I accomplished that goal. Happy Birthday Tyler, I miss you!

If you'd like to make a block for the Just One Star challenge, the fabric requirements, block directions and mailing info are in the PDF here. Don't forget to sign your block(s) before mailing!

In other quilting news, I'm making progress on the placemats. Everything has been cut out and now I'm piecing the squares together and attaching them to the placemat middles. With my Featherweight on my cutting table, I can face the TV and piece at the same time, which seems to make it all go faster. It's very relaxing. I do have to get up every once in a while to press seam allowances, but the movement is a good thing or else I'd just spread even wider. ;-)

* * * * *

By the way, if you've been frustrated by Blogger's handling of uploading photos, I'm happy to report that improvements have finally been made. First, photos are again uploading in the order you select them. And, you can now plant your cursor where you want a photo, upload it, and it will land there instead of at the top of the post. Yay Blogger! Ahem … it's about time. ;-)


  1. It only took them two years to get that figured out? It seems like mine has always done that, post photos at the beginning.

  2. Love the patriotic fabrics in your star blocks. I greatly appreciate your son's service to our great country!

  3. Thanks for sharing about the Just One Star! I'll definitely participate in honor of my Marine nephew. He just had surgery today for a knee injury he sustained in Afghanistan.

  4. I'm not sure how you find the blogs that are in your list. Here is one to add. Nasrin Ansari is a French trained Fashion Designer who does Couture gowns for exclusive clients. She has started a weekly video blog that covers some of the techniques that she uses in those garments. Here is the link to the first episode.

  5. Happy Birthday to your son and birthing day to you. I truly appreciate your sharing him. g

  6. Thanks for this post. I'll be looking into the One Star project. You've put your little Featherweight to good use. And they are so quiet, you can hear the tv!

  7. ooh, this is interesting!!

    I have been hating blogger the last couple of weeks, and have been getting behind on posts b/c of it. I hope it's all better!


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