Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MPB Shirt Sew-Along Progress

The check pattern is probably going to wreak havoc with Blogger's resized photo previews, so if you're feeling dizzy, click on the photos to see them at actual size.

It's coming along nicely. The collar isn't really sewn on yet, though. Just a little preview to make the pic look better. ;-)

The sleeve plackets went on without a hitch, using the Nancy Zieman Express method mentioned in previous posts, which was like the RTW placket I deconstructed. I had contemplated cutting these on the bias, but decided it would be too squiggly to do without interfacing and too bulky with. They don't line up perfectly, but they're pretty darn close. Who looks at plackets anyway when a shirt is being worn?

I did cut the front placket on the bias and I think it looks good. I also pulled out the button stash last night to see if I had anything suitable for this shirt and was pleasantly surprised to find enough quantity of a good color and size. I think Michael will like them because they're a tiny notch above plain but not really flashy either.

Here's a close-up of the collar pinned in place. Tonight, I hope to get it and the stand sewn on for real.


  1. Dang! This shirt is gonna be CUTE!

  2. That turquoise and brown plaid has a very 60s vibe to it. I like the bias cut placket.

  3. Debbie,
    Your website really inspires me.
    The shirt looks very professional.


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