Sunday, November 13, 2011


My purse is done and the customer's is nearly so. I just need to press it, do the final topstitching, and attach the straps. I've decided I either need to discontinue this purse or double the price. ;-) While I love my pattern and the final product, it's just too fiddly construction-wise to be enjoyable as a sewing-for-others project. Plus, I don't have real instructions written down so I have to reacquaint myself with the order of things each time I make it, which inevitably involves frog-stitching more than one time. That's why I made my purse first, so the screw-ups would be on it. The second purse has gone a lot faster.

Once the purse is done, I also have to make one OOO RAH wallet for this same customer. That won't take but an evening or two, which I am DETERMINED to knock out tomorrow night and Tuesday, so that I can sew for ME, ME, ME with every spare moment between then and my trip. I need long-sleeved tops and I want to make one cascade sweater from an Ottobre tee morph, plus the jeans. I may put the jeans last in the queue because I can survive on what I have. We're not going to be doing anything fancy, and I need warmer tops more.

For now, it's off to bed. Tomorrow, the "real" worker is back and Friday I moved to another desk. I'm feeling kind of sad and nervous. I'll be glad when tomorrow is over and I'm into my new routine at the office. I'm sure things will be fine, but the unknown is … well, unknown.

Just a few more days until my Fire gets here. In the meantime, I've moved to a smart phone and wasted an entire Saturday afternoon playing with that. Oops. ;-)


  1. But your job is still there, yes? Sounds like it - and hope so! I just got an iPhone about a month ago and three hours went by in an instant. Addicting little things. Enjoy! (And can't wait to read about the Fire!)

  2. My mom is kind of in the same boat as you with the job -- she has an interim sub teaching position at a school that she loves and really wants to be hired full-time. We're all crossing our fingers that the teacher whose class she's covering won't come back after maternity leave, but even so, there are no guarantees the job would go to her. Hang in there; you're an asset to that company and they would be a fool to ever let you go!

  3. It's amazing how much time new toys take up. So much fun.

  4. As long as a job is still there, everything's fine. As for the purse, some things just take a lot longer than we think, don't they? Good luck getting to your MEMEME sewing this week!

  5. Hope the job situation works out!

    The purses look great, but I know what you mean about having to slog through something that I can't keep. That's why I'm a mite selfish about my sewing -- I don't want to give up any ME sewing time.


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