Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Later, But …

… I just had to say I FOUND JEANS.

OK, twist my arm and I'll expand a little.

Today I did exactly what I had told myself (and you too, I think) I was not going to do. I shopped. And shopped.

But I had a good excuse. Honest! Alex really needed a coat. I did too, but I at least had a Plan B (my old, old 1980s coat which is now back in style LOL). So, off to Burlington Coat Factory we went. He tried on about 40 coats and finally settled on one that I'll need to hem the sleeves shorter for. I can deal with that — it's just going to be a simple turn and stitch on the free arm, no biggie. I tried on about 10 and settled on a faux suede (outside) and faux fur (inside) 3/4 length brown coat. I love it! It's so soft. I'll probably only get to wear it about 2 times a year here in Florida, but I think it will age well. At least as good as my 1980s coat which still hangs in the front hall closet.

While Alex was shopping and trying on, I wandered around and picked up a couple of sweaters and a pair of jeans. Looking at them, I was guessing they would technically fit. I didn't try them on in the store but once I got home, I was in LOVE. And they were only $19.99! Can you believe it? They are much, much too long, though, so I'm going to send them through the wash and then hem them after these arrive on Monday:

Yep, more Zappos love. I won't keep all 3 pairs but I'm hoping at least one pair is a keeper. Maybe two, because the pair at the top was only $36 on sale.

And if THAT wasn't enough, I just got back from grocery shopping at Walmart and I tried on jeans there too. I came home with 3 maybes. And a few tops too. Oops. They are my backup in case my sewing tonight and tomorrow isn't as prolific as I'm hoping.

I've lost about 6 more lbs in the last couple of weeks and it's really amazing to me how much of a difference that makes. Six pounds 75 lbs ago wouldn't have even been noticeable. Now it is. I'm starting to go through my second round of clothes getting too big. Yes, it's a nice problem to have but it's hard to keep up. lol

I'll update tomorrow with some photos of my loot. And hopefully at least one made-by-me top.


  1. Those are some seriously cute shoes/boots. Do you need a bigger closet yet? :)

  2. yay for clothes-too-big! And I love your boots...all of them!

  3. Lovin' the boots. You got such a deal on the jeans that magically fit - you can afford to keep all the zappo's.

  4. I am curious, are all your shoes/boots too big also? (My shoes fit OK, but my knee high boots became too loose in the leg). You do need enough clothes for the various things in your life, so the jeans sound like a good idea.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss and the shopping...and those boots - cute, cute, cute! I'd definitely be tempted to keep them all.

  6. Go, Debbie! Seems to me that some fabulous bootlets have been well-earned. :)

  7. Like the middle pair a lot, cowboy ankle booties are pretty hot right now according to my daughter Abby.


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